Experiment in Lollipop on Autoflower

Greetings fellow growers,
I am an experienced gardener, but I am an intermediate when it comes to the herb.
I’ve had a recurring issue with my
Hello fellow growers,
I’ve had a recurring issue when I grow autos of light & fluffy buds, so I decided to experiment with lollipop pruning. When the girls set their fifth internode, I nipped out the bud sites at the first four internodes.
The plants are 2 x Blueberry (best looking buds I’ve grown in years. They’re 102cm & 86cm tall) & an OG Kush (backfired).
I have about two weeks left I think, until they’re ready.
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Wait a little bit longer for pics to fully upload, very excited to see your results! It’s great when you can learn something that makes that growing difference in the end product, well done!


Can you please reload ur pics and please let th upload first before press reply button

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Photos in order;
1 & 2 Tip & side view of the 1 metre Blueberry
3 & 4 Tip & side view the other Blueberry
5 OG Kush - a dismal failure


If they spend all their time under that opaque green cover you may be blocking too much light for quality buds.
I’m not sure how much help the lollypop pruning will be for that.
Light and fluffy buds are usually an inadequate lighting issue and is more noticeable with autos than photo periods.


Good evening fellow growers,
A correction on the plants; 2 x Blueberry & a Jack Herer (42cm high).
Here are some new photos of my girls. The lighter is 22cm long FYI.

I have a question or four and hope the more experienced growers here can help.

  • I know the girls are near the end of flowering, should I feed them one last time?

  • How long until ready for harvesting? (I think two weeks)

Additional grow info:
being grown in soil mix including perlite & vermiculite.
27 & 19 litre fabric pots
@PharmerBob @Tezza2


Those girls appear to be plumping up. Beautiful!

I did not read any of that until I got off work, my apologies!

I personally feed all the way up until I pull the plants.

It’s my preference, for us we don’t use anything towards the end of flower that is funky like teas/ sugars more just synthetic powders to push production of resin.

If your using any fish & kelp , flurolicious plus (gh) or really organic funky stuff I’d flush out

That being said you got a bit, wait for those hairs to turn orange curl in then your flowers will bulge out. Then I start watching trichs

Wierd patterns thru the leaves at the bottom? Random outdoor insects or something worse?(thrice or mites?)


I agree. You have several weeks left.

‘Lollipopping’ is generally performed just ahead of harvest FYI. Removing leaves reduces the plant’s ability to build flower. Minor defoliation to increase airflow is about all you want to do; especially with autos.

Loose, airy flower is typical of insufficient light.

What soil? Using something not engineered for cannabis will likely put your medium out of PH range for cannabis to uptake nutes. Blending your own soil can be done but attention needs to be paid to buffering medium into a range cannabis can thrive in. This gets even more important when growing autos. Everything needs to be just right to grow well.


The soil mix is a 50/50 blend of premium potting mix & coco, the perlite is in the bottom half for drainage and the vermiculite in the top half.

Seasoned Greetings fellow growers,

Here are three update photos of each of my girls taken today.

In order of appearance;

The Big Blueberry
The Little Sister
The Jack Herer

Are there any Aussie growers out there?

Any suggestions on where to buy seeds that will ship to Australia, as ILGM no longer will.


@Tezza2 is an Aussie. may be able to help you out

Herbies seeds and sticky Seeds and attitude seeds uk