Experienced: What could this be?

I have two new gorilla glue auto’s going. One had a rough time starting out but has recovered. It is now several weeks later and I’m finding a few small spots (holes) in a few leaves. I’ve looked at them under the microscope, but have no clue… no bugs visible. Anyone have any idea what could cause this?
I am experienced in growing but haven’t a clue.
Thanks for your help.
I have pics, but not sure how to post them in this forum.

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If you dont foliar feed…do you have a fan or any strong air moving on the plant?

Is the color a good green around the holes or is it yellowing or dying off?

Looks like small moisture droplets ‘lensing’ and causing small burns. How about an overall shot?

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That’s what I had hoped it was (and suspected). I am going to watch my sloppy watering. The leaves that I took those shot with are now too wilted to shoot a wider shot.
Thanks so much for the feedback!