Experienced Gorilla Glue Growers, HELP!

I apologize for not being clearer, I even screwed up on the age of the plants. These are 7
weeks from seed to as you see them in my Gorilla Glue Times 2 thread.

They were dropped into water on Nov 27th. My brain automatically used 8 weeks due to
Nov, Dec, and now being in January.


Everyone that gave me some advice and encouragement I want to thank you profusely.
Sincerely I can’t thank you enough for lending me your experience and wisdom.
@JaneQP @Hellraiser @dbrn32 @merlin44 @monkman and if I’m missing anyone
just reply to this post and I’ll thank you directly.

What I plan on doing is letting them grow to 30 inches (floor to tops) then trim the underside
to prepare for loose SCROG’ing. I’ll get rid of the spindly and wiry lower bud branches once
I know how it will react to the alteration. I’m still in the stretch phase on one plant and the
other is just starting. (I think the great white took on one root ball and not the other).
I’ll correct that by using a turkey baster and Mycos WP and inject it into the soil around the
roots of the other. Until then I’ll keep an eye on everything and keep doing what I’m doing.

Ladies and Gentleman you have my utmost gratitude and if I can ever return the favor
I’ll not hesitate to do so.


What’s that on the floor is it a light

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Yes, that’s a HLG 135 Rspec (turned off for the pic) that I used for under-lighting on that grow.

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I was thinking bout putting a light at the bottom it works well I assume. Really contemplating getting the 550 especially badly or do you have a better opinion for a 4x4

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It helps the lower buds fatten up some. Won’t be a drastic difference but usually gives me a couple more ounces at harvest - about a 10% increase in yield. I have a bunch of extra lights, so thought why not?

A 600 (updated 550, HLG is not making any more 550’s) would work well for a 4x4 and probably get it for a good price these days ($699 at HLG). You’d get a bit better spread and coverage with 2 260XLs or even better with 2 320XLs but the 600 would do fine and hard to beat for the money.

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