Experience with USPS in late 2021

I just wanted to post this experience with USPS in case anyone else is dealing with long delays. Basically, USPS is definitely still dealing with some massive delays. For reference, I live on the east coast, so my order had to go clear across the country.

I placed my order with ILGM on Aug 8 and they dropped it into the USPS system within like a day and a half. After that, once it left the L.A. distribution center, it just dropped off the radar. I was starting to get worried, but after reading through the topics here and their FAQ, I realized many people have been dealing with USPS delays, so I refrained from contacting anyone yet. Finally, the package showed up at the Atlanta distribution facility on Aug 21 and then took another 2 days to get to me on Aug 23.

It’s clear that USPS’s assertion of 1-3 days for First Class packages is a pipe dream right now. They’re clearly short staffed and unable to keep up with SLAs of any sort at the moment. I’m not surprised their tentative plan for “improving” things is to drop those First Class SLAs down to 5 days, but if this experience is any indication, they’re going to have a tough time even meeting that.

Long story short: If anyone is wondering where their package is, just wait, as others have already said. USPS is not doing too well right now. I just hope that my seeds are OK after spending nearly two weeks wending through the postal system in the summer heat, but I’ll find that out soon enough. :smiley:

To be honest, I would love to see some additional shipping options via FedEx or UPS in order to get a more consistent shipping experience, even if it means throwing a few extra bucks at the order. But, hopefully we’ll start to see some improvements with USPS over the next year or so. They’re getting pretty ridiculous these days.


Once you build yourself a stash of seeds you no longer have to worry about shipping delays on additional purchases.


I agree with this a few extra bucks and then your seeds are not in all that commotion,getting to hot to cold I would love that option