Experience with CBD autos?

Looking to grow some cbd, like Swiss Dream CBD auto or another >1% tch strain.

My ex has MS and doesn’t want to get high. She really need help with pain, spasms and insomnia. She’s already popping to many pills and I would like to help.

Anyone growing high cbd plants? Is it better to grow strains with moderate thc, 4-6%?

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The lowest we have is the blueberry but a little thc really helps with pain as well if you find some low thc and need help growing we can help you grow it

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Thank you @Hogmaster. I’ve found a couple of strains with 0.5-1% tch, 16% cbd

Unfortunately you don’t have these kind of strains or I would buy here for sure. You did have the Harlequin, was sorry to see that go.

Any chanse of a ILGM high cbd low thc strain or the Harlequin back?

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I agree I was lucky and got some but yeah not much low thc when your ready to pop them we are here if you need anything

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The entourage effect is very important, but if she needs relief and you can only find “pure” CBD strains, use them. If you make extracts with them, you can always add in a bit of THC to balance it.


@blackthumbbetty yes,

I’ve heard of that, but not what precentage thc is required/optimal for maximum effect of the cbd. She’s got two kids so she doesn’t want to get stoned. I’m thinking 4-5% thc tops, but she asked if I could grow a >1% strain first.

Hopefully it may help my musclepain/stress and innflamation as well.

So for now I’m looking at Swiss Dream CBD, Charlotte’s Angel, Dinamed CBD. All autos

This is a great article about CBD dosing. The whole page is chock full of excellent information and scientific articles.


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A good article, but no answer as to which level of thc needs to be present for optimal effect. If I didn’t misread it only differensiated between isolated cbd and cbd with terpenes and some level of thc.

Please read the article again. This article covers ratios of CBD:THC. It will help you find the answer to your question.

Nobody is going to give you precise dosing, because there is no one dose that works for everyone. You’ll need to find what works for you. We are not doctors. :grinning:

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If you get a high CBD strain it will help ease the pain. The best strain I smoked for not having a head high and give a wonderful body high was Tora Bora. They don’t make that strain anymore. I k ow it worked for 16 pinched nerves, Osteoarthritis, Osteoporosis, Scoliosis, Arthritis, Bursitis, micro fractures in 2 vertebrae and a lot more. I miss this strain a lot.

I have 2 babies growing. I don’t know if it is Peach Purée CBD and 1 Blue Dream or both are Blue Dream. They got mixed up so I won’t onow for many months which the two are.

The strain ACDC is 20:1 in favor of CBD.

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That article starts out to say some experimentation is (unfortunately) necessary to find what is the right combination/dose for you. I think we’ll start to see a lot more of this type of research once they remove it from Schedule 1 and admit it has medicinal properties everywhere, not just in certain locations where the law says it’s okay. They’re probably going to do the research to find ways to manufacture it in a lab, cut nature out of it. Streamline it all. Make every disgusting cent possible from it. Something tells me it won’t work quite the same.


Big Pharma is keeping it as a Schedule 1 Drug. If the damn Feds would lower it to Schedule 2, then it could be researched. They could also then tax marijuana sales in States like Colorado.

Israel has been studying marijuana and its effects for the last 40 years. My Primary Care Doctor and Psychologist at the VA Hospital both recommend me to smoke marijuana so living is a lot more tolerable. My spine got jacked up while serving in the Army as a Recon Specialist. It does help with my PTSD, Insomnia, severe pain and so much more.