Exhaust ratio of intake-to-out take


Just bought a SunBlaze 12-tube T5 HO grow light. My grow area is 10sq ft and heat is becoming an issue. I bought a 100cfm exhaust fan and plan to install today - Question: Would I want more air volume on the intake side or on the exhaust side.
Thanks for all the great help I get on this forum, still a noob (starting third grow…well lost 2 grows so this is the third successful grow)
And I have learned so much here in a short time
OK rambled on enough



you want negative pressure in grow area.



Thank You Jay!


PS since I’m old and forgetful…negative pressure would be achieved by 2 exhaust fans and one intake (all4")


it would only require air is removed via exhaust faster than an intake or that intake is passive not forced using fan but drawn in using exhaust


Ok got you, Thanks for the info



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