Exhaust fans for grow tent

Newb question. I have a 4×4 indoor grow tent and I have the exhaust fan set up but have no idea when to use it. Is it all the time or just when the heat or humidity get too bad? Growing 1 fem photo week 4 and 4 autos week 2 inside.

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I run mine 24/7 as well as maintaining temp and humidity it brings in fresh air for your baby’s


You want good airflow in your tent. It ensures a fresh supply of CO2 and helps manage heat and humidity, as well as help prevent mold and mildew.

I run mine 24/7 on both the input to the tent and output.


I run mine 24/7 also (along with an intake fan). I do not put the filter on it until later in the grow when they start to smell, no use wasting the filter when they are not fragrant.


Yep, I’ve always run my exhaust fan 24/7
Air flow is your best friend, cuts down on the possibility of mold or mildew.

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Thanks so much! I probably have a million questions but I’m grateful for the support. Fan is now on full time.


If you have a million questions then this is the place for a million answers buddy. Fire away :sunglasses:


The wifey here wanting to say thanks to all. A pic of our white widow photo. Did our first Lst yesterday. First time growers so any feedback is appreciated.


Still growing


Looking good !

We ran into a bit of a snag and hope someone can answer a question. We are growing a few autoflowers and one photo, a feminized White Widow. We’d put it in the 12 on 12 off light cycle stage for flowering about a week or so ago. Had the timer set, no problems. BUT then the power company had to do some work in the area and we had no power yesterday for a few hours. This was during the light period, not the dark period. My wife looked at the WW today and it looks like it may be going hermaphrodite on us. We’re not sure, so we are gonna put up some pics and maybe someone can tell us if that’s what we’re seeing.

That’s what we’re looking at. Thanks!

So, on a happier note. Our Bruce Banner is amazing. It’s short, stocky and covered in frost and tight buds.

Here’s a pic of all of them. Our two Gsc-x in the front, and 2 gorilla glue in the back and Bruce in the middle.

Those do look like balls… Did you got it away from the females?

Yeah, long gone now.

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We’re ready to get suppies for curing stage. we’re getting 32 ounce jars but we don’t know which humidity packs to buy. Any suggestions?