Exhaust fan quit working

Well if it ain’t one thing it’s another. The exhaust fan on my 3ft box quit working today. It’s a small pc fan. I am not too mechanically inclined. I can post pictures tomorrow of what I’m talking about exactly, but I need to find a fix to this problem before the autos get big enough. I have another stealth grow box, bit it is only 2 ft and with the lights I would only have about 18 inches on it before the top of the lights. I think that the 2ft box would be a little too small, but if I can’t fix the fan or come up with a solution I’ll have to make it work. What would y’all suggest? All input is appreciated.

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I ended up taking the fan out from antique computer in my garage. Good luck on the autos. just sprouted 6 WWA’s this week. How old are yours?

I just planted them yesterday haha and I noticed it was rather quiet, and boom fan not workin. I have ak47’s and 1 ww

Take a picture and I’ll see if I can help you out tomorrow

I will hog

It looks like this. I’ll put up some better one tomorrow, I just had this one layin around in my phone

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looks like my are out of rockwool block in 4 days, planted 6 of them with all are up and smiling. fixin to do my first real harvest in a couple days on a White Queen. I am smoking some ak from my first ak47 right now.

Yeah, I can’t wait to harvest some good herb. I can’t stand paying so much so little around here. I’ll be dry till these autos are dryed and cured… haha

the white queen is only 24 inches tall, taking 110 days to finish. She does have some massive colas. that’s kinda why I ordered autos this time. they seem to have rather thin stems at nfirst, and all needed to be supported

That’s always a good problem haha

This super hash I got is going to be a monster

35 days old ish


@Hawkeye_diesel I don’t know if you have a craigs list in your area but check there for pc fans or any pc repair shop can sell you one for $5- 10- at the most. I found one on amazon for under $5 delivered.


or if you guys have a town dump or whatever, find out where the old pc’s go. All you need is a plyers and a phillips screwdriver

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Here is the actuall fan in qiestion.

Now I know I can get a new pc fan, but what I can’t really to is wire it up haha. I don’t have very good electrical skills. If I could find a fan that I could put in place I wouldn’t know how to wire it up and I’m tryin to think of other ways for gettin the heat exhausted

For my smaller box, after I put the system in, I only have 13 inches to the bottom of the light.

those fans have a plug on the end. If that one isn’t a plug in, then it was just spliced in. It’s not very technical really.

Any of your friends like to work on computers? They could help you replace that. I could do it in about 5 minutes and I think anyone that plays around with computers can too.

when I was doing tech work, I had a box full of fans like that where I would just toss them in whaen I was gutting a pc box out.

I haven’t tried to break it down just yet, it was late last night. I’m drinking some coffee and getting up the courage to try an not f### it up haha

seriously @Hawkeye_diesel there are probably 2 or 4 drywall screws holding onto the sheet. and then two wires going to a power source. (most likely a pc power supply). It probably just un-plugs and then you can just plug a new one in and screw it down.

I think you can handle this lol :grin:

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Yeah, I just usually stayed away from this stuff and just stuck to hunting animals an catching fish

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Well this is how I’m guessing the other box fans are wired in the same fashion. @bob31

Got the new one installed and just have to splice the wire together and electrical tape and fingers crossed I did it right haha

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Well @bob31, it’s alive now. It’s not 5he prettiest, but it works