Exhaust fan question

Looking to add an exhaust fan to control the temp a little better. My closet grow room is 4x4 and ten ft ceilings. 160 cubic feet. I’m considering the ax infinity T6 or T4 and suggestions as to which will be a better fit? I have two lights running a 1000w blue ole and a spider farmer sf1000. And a couple oscillating fans as well


At least the 6in honestly a 4x4 needs a 8in.


Interesting. Good to know tho. Noise will play a big factor in my decision.

Also thank you for the response!! Much appreciated!!


You can hear the Infinitys running, but they are the pretty quiet thanks to the PWM DC motor! I have 2-4" and 1-8" and I love them all! The filter will cut them down some though!


Well my plan since I’m not all too worried about the smell. The grow is upstairs so I was planning on skipping the filter and just exhausting the hot air into the attic. Whatcha think?

As long as the neighbors don’t get a whiff! An 8" will serve you well, you can always turn it down!

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