Exhaust fan,can I turn it off?


I’m debating if I should get a sulfur burner before flower as I’ve got some PM… hate it, scares the bejebus out of me that I may get bud rot. Got 2 small 1.5L dehumidifier running 24/7 now so hopefully after h2O2ing the girls with a foliage spray they should be alright. It’s not super bad, but it’s pretty annoying when seeing a little bit. Any advice?


I here you. I’ve been checking mine over every night to see if I have any budrot. I had a little bit last year but my basement was a lot more humid last year then this year has been. I don’t really know any tricks other than keeping a fan going and keeping the air circulating.


I have a very stronge negative pressure. Can I just open one or two of the flaps at the bottom of my tent. They have screens.


Yeah I have my back one open for intake.