Exhaust fan,can I turn it off?


Hubby wanted me to ask if during the girls night time with two fans inside and a duct fan on bottom pulling air in do we need exhaust on,?


Mine is set to the timer to turn off when the light does. But that’s me.:alien:
You should be ok if you have desktop fans in the tent.


Please post pic of plant to be safe…lol :laughing::wink::smile:


I guess it would depend on the temperatures with the fans off if it’s within range I see no harm depending on if it’s flowering to and you’re using a carbon filter or not but you should be fine as long as your temperatures are within range


Might’ve been running for almost a year I don’t shut them off but I have to keep them running for my temperatures to stay where they need to be Hope that helps happy growing :sunglasses:


thanks so much. I as well wish for the same maybe 2019. Yikes


Since I’m in SW USA you’re absolutely right. Wasn’t thinking exhaust did much during sleep, but as temp are already 90+ here, think I’ll keep it on.


@Laurap @Hogmaster… I have had no issues w/ temps, during the day I leave my tent open with fans inside blowing, but when I close it at night, I put on my exhaust at half because the RH goes up… Lately at night when lights go off and tent is zipped, temps drop and RH goes up!


Humidity will rise also with the exhaust fan off, mine goes to high 80s at lights out, very annoying, just something to keep in mind.


I always keep my exhaust fan on, and my intake, just to keep fresh air moving in and out… And I have also read here about negative pressure, I will have to find it, but a few people have said negative pressure in the tent is good for the plants (negative pressure = more out take than intake), something you may want to look in to or read up on…


@McLovin777, I hear ya… Same here… Seems like there is an inverse relation to temp and RH…where I am at least… Temps go lower and the RH seems to go up


Soo true! Can’t wait to get this chill nute stuff so I can use all lights on max, the humidity should drop and plants flourish at 84 - 85 F


@McLovin777, what product are you talking about?.. New nutrient product?


Loads of brands do it, Google vitalink chill, amazing stuff from the sounds of things… helps plants not only cope with above 83 F but actually thrive! Sounds too good to be true… all the brands I’ve seen have the same description


@McLovin777… I’m in soil, that’s for reservoirs, hydro?


Hmm… I’m sure you can get one for soil, look around dude, theirs no way they would leave such a huge market untouched


@McLovin777, just looked it up, cool product… It’s for hydro and soil… Cool tip thx


Was re-reading my replies & you said if I use a carbon filter or not. I do, bit what exactly do they do except cut out smell?


I have mine on a separate timer, I have it on whenever the light is on and then I have it turn off 30 min then back on for 30 min and so on until the light comes back on. I like to circulate the air so my humidity doesn’t get jacked up at nighttime. My tents humidity spikes up when the lights are off.


Mine does the same thing. I don’t mind during Veg but during flower, not so much.