ExHale C02 bag -- Do they work?

Hey guys - any advice or input on these guys? Will it work in a 4’x2’x6’? Am I wasting money? I am only growing three plants at a time in this tent …

Thanks and Happy Mothers Day!

Hey it’s my first grow
And I have installed one in my room and it made a difference they exploded in to growth as my friends room didn’t have one and he’s approx about a week in growth behind

Hope it helps :v:

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Thanks! It is my first indoor grow … Kinda fun !!

Everyone on here is fantastic with advice and support but ultimately it’s your choice there your baby’s

What strain are you growing just out of interest

Yeah, I have had nothing but positive from here !! I am growing a Blackberry Trainwreck hybrid. Just a single seed I found in a sack of smoke I had. First seed found in over 10 years … Figured I would try to grow it …


Here she is (Hope it is a she) …


Sounds awesome hope it’s a she in in the same boat got my seeds from an ounce of bud it smoked really nice but had seeds in it still have about 10 left I planted 19 and all sprouted so I donated some to my friends as I was worried about numbers as 6 in the uk is ok for personal use

So fingers crossed for she’s :v:


I’m using my first exhale bag seems to be going fine with it
I also have a airbomz that gives extra c02

Hey there @Poseidon this is definitely the place to be for advice support and informed experience from all off our fellow growers. Your Plant is looking really great, to address your question about Co2 it is definitely something that our plants love, the top 3 things will all know about is, (Light-Water-Co2) and then we add our preferred nutrients, and off course we pick Organic or Synthetic, me personally I am a Organic grower all the way. The Co2 is a great thing to add to any grow room but if you are not growing in a sealed room you could be wasting some because if you are growing in a tent and you have you extractor fan on it will suck most of the Co2 out of the tent, it is still definitely not bad thing mate tho because, Co2 is heavier than air if you point a fan over it and point it down words even with your extractor fan on you plant’s will benefit from it. What are you growing in mate? Hope this has helps you out mate any questions just put @ in front of my name and I will be notified good luck :v:

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@Johnzy81 - Hey buddy! I found a single seed in a 14 gram bag of Blackberry Trainwreck (grown on a farm in Washington State). I am trying to grow him/her (please be female … if I keep typing it in these posts, maybe it will happen). I went ahead and bought the ExHale bag. I also upgraded my lighting now the plant is about a foot tall. I went with a 1200watt KingPro for the tent. I will use the small light for cuttings or seedlings if I get to that point. I just took some more pictures. I will tag you on the post. Please let me know what you think!

Take care -

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@g-reg - I am totally new to this growing thing … I am a champion smoker but … tend to kill plants so, not so much of a grower. I am hoping to change that … What is the other product you spoke of? I can’t really run a CO2 tank cause my wife is gonna kill me eventually with all of the stuff I am buying for this …


@Poseidon www.airbomz.com07927059874
This is the product they are for small tents they are available in the UK try and see if you can find a hydroponic shop or see if they send to USA from the link it disperse co2 at different amounts depending how you set it up but yeah it’s a new product in UK but getting good reviews

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Thanks bud!

don’t know how that number followed the link
but your welcome

also if you do buy this product I advise you a can of c02 last roughly a week so you need a few so plan ahead if you need to ship them in from another country

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Hey there @Poseidon there is no worries mate we all start somewhere give it time and plenty of asking questions if you have a doubt at all we all love to help fellow members along mate that’s really what it’s all about and the great support also sorry about the late reply mate :v:️.

@Johnzy81 - I just checked out your post. The girls look stellar! I am debating if I want to make this KingPro 1200 Watt LED grow light veg only and switch to an air cooled HPS for flower or flower with the KingPro. The actual pull from the wall is around 250Watts so, I am having some doubt. The reviews on the KingPro and the minimal heat buildup, along with lumen output is what drew me in … I could have purchased a non-cooled HPS for what I paid for the KingPro but heat is a problem in the 24"x48"x72" tent. I only plan on growing 1-2 plants at a time so, I don’t need to over engineer a growing solution. It needs to be done correctly, however. I am interested in your thoughts on my “project” … I am feeling a bit over my head now …

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Sorry about the late reply @Poseidon off course I will try and help you out with that, firstly just tell me do you have your set up inside a house or in a shed if outside Wooden or Concrete shed mate and what is the weather like in your area temps night and day buddy we’ll move on from there then yeah keep up the good spirit and by the way they’re will be plenty of other that will come along with us mate for sure :wink:

@Johnzy81 - I have the tent inside my home in a small bedroom that was converted into an office. It stays about 76-77F year round in the house. I have a fan to circulate air and access ports open on the tent. I went with the King LED due to heat. As it is now, closing the tent flap brings the temps up to 91F without any forced induction. I am 4 weeks into veg so I have a little time to engineer the ventilation solution. For two plants, I am pretty sure I am going to need to either add another King led or go LEC/HPS. My cooling solution will be driven by my light choice … I am trying to get the healthiest plant with the most yield given I am only doing 1-2 plants per grow … Appreciate your input buddy! I am off to the beach for 4 days … gotta get the hell out of the mountains for awhile. Take care …

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No problem but straight away I would recommend you saying when the LEDs mate only because the heat from HPS and LECs is alot to handle and you have started with a good brand of led in the King brand what is the make that it is buddy.?