Excited first Time grower

Hello All,
It’s been a while since my last update. I am working on more pics at the moment and while get them up as soon as I can. I have had a few changes with the girls and will update you all later today.
Things are not doing so well with my grow and my pictures will show you what I mean.
Thank you to everyone for helping me so far.



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Hope all is well with you and yours brother Sam …:sunglasses::v:

Hey sir,
We are all along for the ride. You go at your pace, and we will be right there. I am still getting a few things together (my exhaust fan and filter are coming). I am starting to hang my light and prepping the tent for its maiden voyage. I will be taking a different path than most on this group, but look forward to it. I will be growing in super soil (living soil) and look forward to seeing how it will produce. Keep up the good work on your end and holler if you need anything!

How’s that mars stack up to the hps

Whenever you can get some pictures we will help you any way we can buddy. Just let me know sir.

@flyinghigh Hope this finds you doing good my friend, I know how things can kind of side track us from time to time, and just want you to know we are here man! Peace, and keep it in the zone!

Hello @Holmes, @patchman, @Arrow
Things are crazy at the moment and I am finally getting a chance to jump on my pc to do an update.

As you can see by the pictures my Gold Leaf girls are not doing so well. Now it has warmed up here I made the decision to move them outside and they seem to be picking up. The 2 Afghan are doing well but small. The bud sites are really getting bigger but still small and I guess it was due to a bad start.
Thank you guys for being there when I need assistance with the girls. I am doing my best at the moment and will not give up on my girls. Even though it has been a rough grow, I have learned many things, and thanks to all you guys and the information and help has helped me get this far.
I may not get a good result but some is better than none. :wink:
@patchman glad to see things are moving along for you man. It is exciting just to hear you are getting things happening.
Thanks @Holmes for your support man. I just love growing and hope to do much better second time around.
@Arrow cheers for the support man. Its been a big learning curve for me. My Afghan girls are looking very happy and I will get some buds that I will be proud of.
Be safe and keep smiling. will get some more pics soon.
Cheers Guys


I wasn’t sure what to expect when you said the girls were not looking too good. The pictures tell a different story. They look good! I only had one plant my 1st grow. You have an excellent 1st grow here. I know you and the girls have had some problems, but they are coming into their own now for sure. You are on the road to a nice harvest friend- a far cry from the early days when you were just glad they were still alive!!!

Tag me in the morrow…:sunglasses::v:

Hello @patchman
I am not on here much anymore because of my back but it is nice to know that friends like you are still here to help, along with everyone else. Hope all is well in your neck of the woods my friend.
My 2 Afghan plants are doing ok and I am sure to get a nice little harvest for sure :yum: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.
Yes the early days of my first attempt seemed doomed but thanks to everyone here I am now looking at a small harvest. :grin:

Hope all is going well with your stuff for your first grow. Exciting no doubt. Have a magic day man and be safe.
Happy Growing


Hello Everyone,
Been a while but this is a quick update in my first grow. @ Afghan’s are doing well and today is week 5 of flowers.

My 2 Gold Leaf are not doing very well at all. I had removed them from grow tent to be placed outside in sun. One that started to flower got attacked by some parasite and the other is such a strange looking plant as per pics. Very thin type leaves on one plant and wide on the other plant

This girl is the one that got nailed by critters. Not sure what they were but it is just surviving.

I will keep you all updated in a week or so, and I want to thank everyone again for your help and tips on my first grow.
Have a magic day to you all.

Happy Growing


Small harvest my pasty white #ss… There looking great! Well done! :metal:

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I think you have done well. As for the two outside- the difference is just a phenotype. One plant looks very “sativish” with her thin leaves, while the other is more on the indica side of the fence with her chubby leaves. Same gold leaf strain. I think @kaptain3d has two plants like that now. I dont think they are gold leaf, but he has two like that. Please take care of yourself. You will be in my thoughts and prayers. Maybe you can get your next grow to be more “back friendly.” Plant risers, stool to sit on, those kinds of things. I found a plant riser on rollers at a local nursery. Being able to roll it around for pruning will be nice. I will talk to you soon sir. Peace…

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Your plants are awesome, that will be a good harvest… Sending good vibes brother…:sunglasses::v:

Hello @Arrow,
Thanks for the good vibes my friend. My 2 little girls are doing just nice I rekon :yum: :wink:
Its been a big journey so far man. So much fun and rewarding.
Be safe man and have a magic day.
Happy Growing :+1:

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Continued success with your grow Sam. And in the breaking news category, my seed threw out a tail so she is now in my soil I made for her.
Out of curiosity I did a slurry of the soil. It was 656ppm. I am happy with that. I hope my plant will be too. I will start a journal when she breaks through and reaches for the sun (more like light, but you know what I is saying). Good luck to you sir and good health. Be safe out there. Peace…

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Hello @patchman,
Sounds like you are off to a great start my friend. I am excited to follow your journal man. I am going to harvest in another 2 weeks and done my first flush today. All going well here and my health is on the mend. Outside girls looking very healthy apart from a few bugs.
Will get some pics up soon. Peace and light my friend and be safe.
Happy growing

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Good to hear from you sir! Glad you are on the mend! Be sure you get some pictures if you can. I am going to start my journal as soon as my seed breaks ground. I let it soak and when it sprouted a tail in to the solo cup she went. Oh, Cody got 1.5 ounces out of his solo cup entry. He had to harvest it early for some reason. I have picked my top 3 in the solo cup challenge. This will be like the 1st grow all over as I have all new equipment. I kinda saw myself as the poor “red neck engineer” for a awhile. But after giving it some serious thought, I decided to go with good quality tools for my small grow.
There’s nothing in modern medicine at this time that completely rids pain. I already have cutting edge therapy on board with my deep brain stimulator. It emits electrical pulses that block the signal of my pain receptors and keep their message from reaching the central nervous system in your brain. They also do back stimulators for people with severe back pain. I know they do them in the states here. Surely they do them down in your area. Sorry, I ramble. Anyway, there’s not anything I see as promising research for pain relief. If there are no changes there, then I will likely spend the rest of my life in pain, and the pain will get worse as I build tolerance to the medicines and stimulator. I will build a tolerance to the stimulator because your nerves get used to being stimulated a certain way. So you have to change it, which I can. If I explained how, this would be more of a book than it already is. My only hope is that cannabis continues to relieve my pain the way it does. My doctors and I discussed changing pain medications in case I am not getting good relief from what I am on now. They would have to hospitalized me because I take so much. I am on a dose that is usually used for terminal cancer patients when they go home with hospice. Ok, enough of all that. You can bet I will be tagging you when I start my journal. Should be in a day or two hopefully. I tried to point the “tail” down when I planted it, but it may have shifted. We will wait and see. I have 8 more seeds if this one doesn’t grow up. Please take care of yourself so you can enjoy your harvest coming up. Talk to you soon Sam!


Hello @patchman,
You know when I first mentioned to my doctor about the medicinal use and benefits of using cannabis as pain medication, he just blew me off and said it will not work and that the medicine he prescribes will be better. Well screw him because it works for me and many other people I know that use it for the same reason.
I am so excited for you man about your grow and you will do just fine my friend. Crikey’s, I had such a rough start and now I am getting some good results.

Very happy with my grow and its very rewarding. I really enjoy the time and effort that is required and helps with therapy and also gives me a lot of enjoyment. Such an amazing and resilient plant.
hope all goes well for you with your recovery man and my thoughts and prays are with you.
Have a magic day.
Happy Growing


Talk about doctors. At our local pain clinic that I went to a couple of times, the nurse practitioner told me there was a large number of people there who would not give up the cannabis (illegal in our state). That means the doctor will not write you any prescriptions for pain meds if you test positive for marijuana. That should tell them that it is effective for pain management. So the ones that have to go to a dealer never know what they are going to get, and it may or may not be good for pain. The ones who grow can research the different strains and grow the ones who have good pain ratings. Let me stop before I write a book here. Have a good weekend sir, and I will be in touch soon…peace

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