Excellent Seeds, Customer Service & Grow Suppor


I began growing with ILGM seeds, Grow Bible, and Online Support on January 1, 2017.

The picture below represents what I have harvested from 4 ILGM seeds. In my newly legalized State, I can confidentially provide for myself safe, legal, cannabis, thanks to the great seeds and customer support!

If you are here, listen to these guys :nerd_face:. They have generations of knowledge and experience to share, and are generous with thier time.

Thanks so much ILGM! You guys are the best.



Woo Hoo! Awesome job! Looks like some prime stuff you grew there.


awesome @Sl1 !!


Good job! :thumbsup:


Awesome, @Sl1, got some nice stash! I’m on first grow & would be lost except for this forum. I’m here everyday trying to soak it all in


That’s some awesome yield @Sl1! Great work!


Naturally what is pictured above is less a few jars of “consumption”…cough :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Thank you @ILGM.Support.Roy!