Exact Harvest Time

Hello boys,

Here I return and I need your help. This is my second harvest and I can’t find the exact moment to cut the girls. I looked at the hairs, also trichomes but I have a hard time making a difference. Since I think that the hairs are fine but I can not tell if the trichomes are transparent or milk color. This is inexperience. I am using a magnifying glass. Regarding the dates given to me by the companies that made the seeds, these plants are missing between 1 or 2 weeks but from what I see they are ready. Here i leave you with some pics. Types of cannabis are (Silver Haze - Sensi 32# - Dr Grinspoon - Northern Lights). I want to harvest them when they are highest in potency. But unluckily I cant tell what is the exact moment.

Thanks again for all the help


You really need to at least get a jeweler’s loupe or something that will give you 30x - 40x magnification. Jeweler’s loupes are pretty cheap. Actually seeing the tricomes is the only sure way to know when you are ready to harvest.


What @LandShark says…you can get one on Amazon that has a 30x and 60x combo loupe for about 10 dollars.
You have plenty of time as your plants are a few weeks away from being mature.

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Ah the ultimate question, I would wait you can fill out more in the colas. I would always cut too soon by a few weeks. Let the plants tell you by the leaves change color or yellow. The frost of the buds. the smell!



Microscopes are really cheap on Amazon. Less than $30. Look at the trichomes. The ratio ( clear | cloudy | amber ) is a matter of personal preference. It’s also specific to each chemovar (individual plant and their clones). Your light quality and finishing light schedule will also factor in.

Take notes. Try different harvest plans over time.

Good work.


Your best bet is a USB microscope on Amazon, second best bet is a jewellers loop.

@Pizmopete while I know you mean good I’m going to have to disagree and here is why:
Leafs can yellow and dry up at any time just flush a plant and watch it happen.
Colas fatten up depending on genetics, health of plant, and quality of grow/feeding right.
Smell is the same thing, I’ve had plants not smell much at all in late flower but after cure they smell amazing.


So do you think I should wait a few weeks? I want them to be at there best potent state.

I have it. But I can´t tell if the trichomes are glassy or milky. They all look the same.

Whats the exact point where the plant is at its best potency? I can´t the difference between cloudy and clear. I have a x60 microscope.

Sometimes you just gotta read up, check out the main page or google =p

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Nicky posted an excellent visual aid. If you still can’t tell the difference is there someone that you can trust to look at them for you? You certainly don’t want to ruin your grow over something so easily controllable.

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Thanks landshark
This is why I suggest the USB microscope

So you can easily do this (I have since got better at taking tricomb pictures I just don’t have any on hand lol)

The Trichomes are what matter. In focus extreme close-ups of the trichs are needed.

That’s what I use, a usb microscope. Got one on Amazon for $20. This thing is awesome. I used it on my first outdoor grow this summer, just plugged it into my phone. I was literally amazed. Highly recommended!

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@Nicky posted a great visual aid, but as to potency, I’m going to guess you’re growing for your headstash and not lab numbers. It’s all about how it makes you feel, and to a lesser degree how little you need to consume to get the desired effect.

The 40-1000x variable zoom microscopes are on amazon in the range of $30. You’ll need to put them on something stationary like a stack of books or tripod. Also, a nice white fluorescent light will give a better picture than grow lights.

You want to check up and down the plant. You may want to harvest in stages if the trichomes are further along at the top than bottom.

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