Eww that smell cant ya smell that smell

If I had my way, the entire house would smell like flowering good weed. But others in the house say no lol. So question how long (Ball park I know, 1 answer dosent answer all :)) does a decent carbon filter last? I’m almost done with grow #2 and smells like I need to order another ,its not bad but can start to smell it.
Below is what I have been using and it’s gotten me through 1 full grow and 2/3’s of another in a 2x2x4 tent.

G-HYDRO 6 Inch Air Carbon Filter with Australia Virgin Activated Charcoal Prefilter Included Odor Control Scrubber for Grow Tent Indoor Plants Inline Fan, Reversible Flange 6 x 18 Inch 425 CFM, Silver

I bought the 4" version and seems to work pretty good


They last about one year to one and a half years of heavy use, they still work just not perfectly anymore.
You can take it apart and clean or replace the carbon inside it, some have cleaned theirs once a year and have had it 5+ years.
I’ll probably end up buying a spare and then cleaning it when I am doing summer chores, so Incase it stinks when I don’t have time I can swap it.
This filters on grow 4 and seems to be good, vivohome 6" from Amazon in a 2x4. Only running 3 plants now but have ran 4 previously (don’t do that it’s a headache and to packed not healthy)


Thanks that was the info I was looking for, have a new one incoming,

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I am growing my first plant indoors.
I bought a grow tent 3x4, lights, fan, and a 4in carbon filter.

My question is will just one plant emit a smell that will be noticed in the house if i dont use the filter?

Im planting one " auto" seed so i dont expect the plant to grow over 3 feet.