EWC wiggle worm or roots organics

any1 have any ideas how their EWCs are since wiggle worm is half the price or roots organics, was wondering why? is it poorly sourced or something are the worms fed differently? anyone have any info??

Ive never used neither product. But Roots Organic is more mainstream, thus can jack up the price a tad from brand recognition.

Wiggle worm’s brand looks like its a decent product. Nice earthy looking color and texture. All I can say is try it out! For half the price, u cant afford not too right?

Long as its not Miracle Grow, ill try almost anything twice haha

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i herd something about that their worms are fed terrible quality or something like that wasnt sure if their was any truth behind it cuz i can get it for like 25 bucks to 22 bucks for a 30lb bag and for the roots organics big worm is like 50 to 60 bucks a bag big difference

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I’ve used the Roots Organic Original in my last 2 grows and am very pleased with it. Use Jack’s 321 with it. Trouble free growing.


Hey peace of mind is peace of mind. Make consumer decisions based on what you believe.

Someone told me peat’s a nonrenewable resource and that they tear up swamps to get it. So i wont be using peat…. :man_shrugging:t5::man_shrugging:t5:


:face_with_monocle: if you’re not growing in coco I bet there’s peat in whatever you are using.

Happy frog

Ocean forest

Promix hp

:100: but brand recognition is synonymous with elevated number of users. When a lot of people are using a particular product there is usually a lot of help available for the product. The amount of info available and willing to be shared about a product can be invaluable. I don’t think I would let that determine the name on a bag of earthworm castings though.

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