**Everything that could go wrong did** How do my white widow autos and bergman golds look at day 54 from seed?

Hermies = bad

I’m so far along and the plant has good buds. Perhaps these are new bud sites due to the potassium (molasses) I’ve been feeding them. At this point I’m charging forward. Harvest is within weeks, maybe days. The scent is starting to grow and it is sweet, earthy and distinct.

the next leg of the journey starts today. I am chopping. I know it is early, but I want to end up with something on my first grow. the week long rain last week started some mildew issues. I don’t know if the stress early on caused hermie issues, I hope not, I hope what I see are new bud sites due to the molasses ive been feeding the last few weeks. I lollipoped the plants and have been drying the lower popcorn bud sites and now the smell is becoming pungent and a noticeable early, sweet and distinct smell. the buds have not fattened like I would have liked, but the pistols have turned in and they are sugary. I just joined the big leagues and I don’t need a grand slam today. base hits are good and I want to stay in the game and do better next time. I bit off more than I could chew. if you are just starting off and are going to do an outdoor suburban neighborhood grow, start with one or two plants and keep it discrete depending on where you live. I started with 5 white widow autos. they all sprouted quickly and did nice early on. I transplanted a few times too many and my dogs wreaked havoc with them in the veg state because I was using blood and later bone meal and the dogs thought it was an appetizer. I planted 4 in 2 containers and the 5th plant I put into the ground. within days the dogs had eaten the in-ground plant, so now I have 4 ready to go. I am eye balling it and my guess is I could end up with 4 ounces from the 4 plants, give or take. so when I hit send, I am going to soak the plants, cover them in plastic and give them two days of darkness. On Sunday I am giving myself a fathers day present and chopping them. then I am on to phase II of this project.


Hopefully both of our phase 2’s are better…and considering everything you’ve been through imho you did a good job for a first go-round…I’ll keep an eye out for your next journal @SuburbanMoRun

It’s been so sunny today I haven’t been able to put the girls into darkness. I’m going to stick it out longer.

I’m going to hang on a little longer hoping the buds will fatten up meaningfully. When people say to be patient, it is not as easy in an unfriendly state with an outdoor grow. Many other factors and pressure go into this type of farming. Can someone please comment if it’s reasonable the buds will continue filling in on these WW autos. Discussion has been on pistols and tricks, not so much on bud density and size. When do I know when they’ve plumbed up to their max?

@Jbum @Missiles @Myfriendis410 @WickedAle I tagged a few I’m learning from and along with for you. I’ve read a bunch on hermaphrodites and u look for the little yellow nanners and pull them off but I will say if u dont want any females to get pollinated u need to move the herm far far away and even watch your clothes from it to the females

I’m in an unfriendly state (I wont say which one) but I’m growing so I can quit going to the city and overpaying for Mexico weed lol…anyway I’m headed to watch a saints replay and my gumbo is about ready lol…geaux tigers

Your buds will swell on you and gain 25-30% more mass if aloud to fully ripen. I understand the pressure of unfriendly growing but you’ve gone this far. Good luck and tag me on these wwa. Thank you

This buds for you, I’ll keep growing on then.


Very interesting data ive read on meta data. guess it is time to chop and move the harvest off site, just in case, it isn’t worth the consequences. inventory is no longer on site. the laws on victimless crimes are crazy but I should have been more aware before posting pictures. god bless the state if they want to make an issue of this. it is enough to fight off the dogs and the elements, etc. etc.

The country is coming around to this plant. It’s just not happening equally everywhere and it’s a real shame. Love the coffee cup :smile:

A few updates. The white widow was moved off site for security reasons. These pics were before the move. Additionally, a week ago I lolipopped the plants and dried the popcorn buds. This weekend I trimmed the dry buds and they completely filled a regular size sterilized Ragu Sauce jar. And the smell was heavenly. Can’t wait to see how they turn out in a month. According to the ILGM seed catalog, WW has an 80-90 flowering window. Not sure if that is an all in timeframe or just flowering stage. I am 78 days from seedling and feels like the widows are close. Buds are filling out some and the fragrance is delightful. I will see if I can make it to he weekend.


You still have white pistols so it’s a few weeks from being finished. The trichromes are a good indicator. People usually harvest early and lose out on about 25% weed. They either get impatient or don’t know any better. I lost a lot of weed over the years myself from early harvest. I wait for the plants to start having color changes like what you see with trees just before fall. There’s a bunch of things that interfere with that but if the plant is healthy I try to let it go to full maturity and it really makes a Big difference. You probably already know these things but there’s a bunch of new growers on here so I thought I’d mention it. You would be surprised at how many people chop early. Lmmfao


when I got home tonight, one plant’s fan leaves have started substantially yellowing, I take that as great news and same plant is getting heavier and starting to lean pretty good due to bud weight.

I’m on my first grow and without this forum I would prob have chopped already from just not knowing…the wait is hard but worth it

I think today is day 80 for these girls. quite possible for a harvest soon. I will shoot for another week to 10 days depending on what I see.

They look like they need at least that much time. Maybe search for some pics of marijuana color changes of leaves showing its ready for harvest. Might make a big difference might not help at all. You never know. Just saying


your trichomes need to look like this if you want to get the total benefit of your hard work…patientce is the catchword. :man_farmer:.