Everyone please look and comment

I would like as many opinions as possible on our first Grow. Thank you.

What strain, Super Skunk Fem from I love marijuana

  • Method:Fox Farms Ocean Forest potting Soil.
  • Vessels: Fabric Grow bags 5 gallon
  • PH of Water, Tap water.
  • PPM/TDS No nutrients
  • Indoor or Outdoor. Indoor tent
  • Light system 600 watt full spectrum LED
  • Temps; HIGH 60s/ Low 70s
  • Humidity; we have a digital hygrometer that gives a different reading than the dehumidifiers reading so still trying to figure this out Seems like it’s hanging around low to mid 40s
  • Ventilation system; No. We have a fan blowing out of one of the ports Meant for a ventilation system and one fan blowing in from one of the ports.
  • AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier, dehumidifier
  • Co2; Yes, No. no.
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We planted on Thanksgiving. Switched to flowering on about the 15th of January.

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Looks pretty good so far, a few pics showing some rough looking leaves. Overall seems as if you’ve got this. Welcome to the forum, and happy grows!
You will want to check the actual wattage draw at the wall, some manufacturers list what the diodes can handle in total, and not the actual watts they are consuming. Need a good 30+watts sqft for decent flowering, 40 is even better!
sqftage of tent?


giphy (1)
Looking good,


How close is your fan to your plant? if you have a fan in your grow area and it is blowing too hard on plant it can cause this. I am working on correcting the same situation right now myself :v:


@pntnike, welcome welcome.
Your plants look great and love the amount of info you gave👍. That is proof that even a simple grow can be extremely successful.

Is your tap water well or city? City water has chlorine and if you have a water softener “salt” that could cause you issues down the line. Proper pH does help with plant nutrient uptake. Between 6.5-7 is a rough guide.

Training your plant is definitely an option but not needed but it could help improve yeilds if you have the time to do it. I am attaching a pic of my pure indica, planted on Thanksgiving and will go to flower room next week. I topped it 4 times. Again only an option as it will increase your veg times .
@Holmes is spot on with your light requirements, have to find your true watt useage. All in all, awesome healthy looking plants, happy smoking :+1:


just thought about it, hope that didn’t come off as rude. Pics were just to show you what’s possible in the same timeframe that your currently working on if that’s something your looking to do. Your plants are happy n healthy n look like they are going to produce some nice bud. Please let me know the end result would love to see you crush it with that set up😎

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I’m taking everyone’s comments and suggestions in. I don’t even care if they were meant to be rude. Haha. So to check the true wattage of the light, I woulddddd? We are very new to this and are growing for medical for a family member so thank you.

Your plants look amazing by the way, we’re about 3 and a half weeks into flowering, I’m a little concerned id like to try to start training it but I think it might be to late to bend the main cola.

@pntnike. It still isn’t too late but at his point you have to be very careful. And if you’ve never done it before I wouldn’t recommend it. But you can soften your stem by squeezing it between your fingers and rolling it back and forth at the point you wish it to bend. When you do this you will need a way to support the branch for at least a week for it to recover. To that spot will heal and be sturdier then ever. The first time I tried this technique on an older plant I broke he main stem. It was hanging on by a thread I had nothing that would support it so I wrapped it in pipe cleaners. I’ll attach a pick of how it healed and it yielded great. Unfortunately I had forgotten to take out the pipe cleaner and the plant grew around it but it was 90%severed n I didn’t actually think it would survive.

I will send you a link for a meter to see your true wattage pulled from he wall. And also a link to the indica institute u tube channel, there are about 40 episodes on there that will give you a lot of useful non misleading information. I would suggest starting at their first series n watching them thru. After that you can move into Mr. Canucks grows. This guy I watch religiously, just a great show and always detailed.


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I looked back at your pictures and I don’t think I would try n bend your plants at this stage. You could defoliate and remove some lower bud sites that will steal nutes n yield from your mains. But just go with what you got and make some changes next go around. :+1:

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