Everybody Say Cheese!


I just smelled my first ever cheese in bloom !

Are you kidding me right now! I think I’m in love!

I hope it finishes with the same stinky goodness

Any other cheese lovers out there?


Mmmm, cheese! Haven’t tried it, but was looking into that for a SOG, isn’t cheese a short indica?


Short & bushy and the smell is unlike anything else !


Just received two Blue Cheese clones from a friend yesterday. Can’t wait to see the rusults!!!


My buddies mother plants are about five feet tall sativa dominate Blue Cheese! They’re beautiful!!!


I’m waiting on a “Cheesus” seed in the mail! Never grew a cheese strain yet so I’m pretty excited!


@ktreez420, You won’t be disappointed for sure! It’s pretty bomb bud!!!


6g. Super Cheese


single bud?


Nice job there!

I’ve enjoyed every cheese strain I have encountered. I really enjoyed Blue Cheese. Took me back to the 80’s for a minute. My coming of age period.

I know you will enjoy!