Every year the plants suddenly die!


We have been trying to grow for 3 years now and every year it’s the same thing - the plants are healthy and happy for a few months, then suddenly die over about a week. We’ve grown indoors, outdoors, in containers, in the ground - makes no difference.

It starts with yellowish/whitish spots on the leaves, then the leaves start turning brown, the plant wilts, and it dies. Nothing we have tried even slows down the progression.

Here are our current 3 plants, which are all in different stages of this process:

And here are close-ups of the leaves of the middle plant:

We have been fighting a fungus that is all over our yard and haven’t ruled that out, but we have been treating the plants with a baking soda and water solution for several weeks. It made no difference to these plants, but has been clearing up the fungus in our other plants.

Our water is on the acidic side and I confess that we have not been adjusting the ph - we just water from the hose.

Any ideas? Thank you!


Just how low is the PH? What nuts you feed them?


The ph of the water is about 5.0. I don’t know what the plants’ ph is. The first 2 years my husband babied the plants, using specialized fertilizers (I don’t know which ones). This year we tried just treating them like the rest of the garden, which means mostly miracle-gro and planting in Happy Frog soil. The rest of the garden is happy.


The PH Is to high. I try to keep mine at 6.5. That’s the first problem. A lot of the leaves look like nute burn I think. I’m not sure what the baking soda might do to it.
How offen do you feed? I’m really hoping one of the other guys chime in. I use a 50 gal. And a 30 gal. Barrel to mix my nutes In the 30 gal and PH the 50 gal. So I don’t need to keep mixing. There is a support ticket that you need to answer to help us out. But I can’t find it now lol sorry.


to be so sudden after going so well (if your not over fertalizing some animal could be pissing on them .or contact with weed sprays ?.


pH 5.0 is way too low. It looks a lot like a salt build up in the soil. Like too many nutrients building up in the soil, nute burn or nute salt toxicity, mineral salt toxicity…

What is in your water making the pH so low? This could be a significant factor. Also monitoring what is building up in your soil is always a good idea. Measuring and monitorinf for TDS or EC in the soil, or investing in accurate soil probes, could help determine and or prevent this problem in the future.

Check out Robert’s blog on testing your soil, you can certainly use a TDS or EC meter to test your water as well.



use a good soil you put in the ground don’t over do nutrients use rain water by catching in a barrel or bottled water and stay on schedule you will get better.Not to much heat 75 T0 90 DEGREES SOME AFTER NOON SHADE.


Well now, here is a good one. FFre: Baking soda has an extremely high PH. So you were way low @5.0 in your soil or water, and you were constantly dosing your plant with a HIGH pH value. Think about it.

You need to find a more healthy environment to grow your plants.


Kill mold and fungus with 60/40 water milk make sure to spray it all down and then gets 5 or more hours of sun the enzymes in the milk will kill all that stuff and I also put 1 tsp of baking soda in it but I have better water then you you need to get some pH up at the store and go and get a 32 gal trash can and mix your water in that and get it right you can’t half ass any of this you get out what you put in and never use miracle-gro on pot never go spend 30 bucks and get a 3 part ferd and here’s a good rule for you only give them food once a week just till you get to know your plants better and then give water other wise and let them dry out an inch or so before watering and think about smart pots they work awesome and you can always feel how wet they are and it hard to over water with them also just remember they are women and the happier they are they happier will will be in the long run