Every Cherry Pie hermi

I’ve done everything. No light leaks. I don’t defoliate a lot. Controlled environment, but they always turn hermi. Other strains don’t have this issue. Could it be bad genetics?

Bag seed? Bag seeds can be prone to hermi.

I dont agree with bag seed as the reason… it’s something in the breeding or the parental Gene’s that would be causing the tendency… I only grow bag seed over 150 plants and never had 1 hermie I’ve had only 6 males… not fluke luck either one strain I really like … recon bought an ounce of trees got 500 + seeds… grew a couple… strait fire… better then the weed I bought even tho the weed I bought was fire… since then I’ve grown probably 50 seeds tons of clones I’ve gifted probably 100 seeds to several growers around the this very site… not 1 person that I gifted got a male or hermie that I know of …they didn’t grow all of them but they didn’t have issues… cannabis is diateous plant meaning it has ability to be male female or both normal breeding conditions and optimal conditions… are not just optimal for cannabis its optimal for female tendencies… if your constantly getting hermie it could be bad seed storage … many grower problems I’m sure ur aware of and plane genetics…
@MidwestGuy I’m not saying your wrong I just dont agree… if you take other general breeding points into consideration…
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ILGM seed shop “used” to have a line in the grow description that cherry pie has herm tendencies(I don’t see it anymore). Apparently the original clone was prone to herm.


Now you say that I remember this tendency being there must of got an older batch of seeds and those are bred Gene’s to further the point

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@AAA @fano_man I snagged the Baking Mix pack from ILGM that had cherry pie in the pack in the description it states the strain has a slight tendency but if you look up the strain as if purchasing it by itself it dose not state anything about having said tendencies

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Nature of the business.

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