Everclear tincture process with trim question

Making tincture with everclear in the past I’ve always had dried, cured chaff, stems and stuff to begin. I never decarboxylated for tincture, only for butter and edibles. Mixing a Dark and Stormy with a tablespoon of my tincture has launched many friends nicely. Now I’m growing I wonder if I can use material undried? Should I activate with decarbing? Will it work to just let the decarbing in the oven do the drying?
Thanks lots.

Yes I would decarb before making the tincture.

@Covertgrower do you think I can just put the wet material into the oven to decarb without drying first? Or does it screw up the chemistry somehow?

Wet is okay. Just be sure to break the nugs down to uniform in size for even heating.

That’s the answer I was hoping for. Less work and time. :wink:
Thank you.

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