Ever see this? GELATO!

First not a newbie! I have grown Hundreds of plants photos and autos. PH in good ,run off good all other plants great W.cake auto. Just these 2 gelato??? Genetics???
![IMG_20210708_103821|666x500]Not(upload://kdkUdJyjrfWT3F0sBoqpBkx7tL0.jpeg)not over or under watered!!!

They have been like this since pre flower ? Still growing great an inch a day???

Pictures taken just before dark or just after lights on?

If not it may be a root issue with leaves guarding like that.


When the entire plant wilts quickly and you are sure its not underwatered its almost always root rot.

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@Myfriendis410 the do it more before lights out . @Spiney_norman positive its not root rot!!

This is likely normal ‘posturing’ before the lights go out: very common.

But they stay lol droopy all day ??I have 7 going only 2 gelato with problems?? 5 A.haze and W.cake are great!!!

overwatering and underwatering look the same. From the looks of the water circle you have there and how big they are right now. you maybe underwater?? Can’t be 100% on that statement but just a thought.

Thanks!! Don’t want to sound like a dick!! I don’t know everything and always learning … I know I’m doing nothing wrong! Over 20 years haven’t had any look like those 2???

These are Zkittles auto .last run.


@Shazm @Myfriendis410 @Spiney_norman I would like to APOLOGIZE!! I am TRULY SORRY!!:sob::cry:!! it was underwater​:triumph::angry:!! had all on same schedule They need it day earlier than others. My screw up🙄!

THANKS AGAIN!!! SORRY AND GOD BLESS!!! 3 hours later​:+1::grin::seedling:

edit: removed profanity


Will NEVER DOUBT MY ILGM family again !!!


No worries man, that is why this is here. for us to ask for help and grow from each experience. I am still new this plant. But gardening in general I have been doing for some time now. I am just surprised I got one right. glad your ladies are doing better. :love_you_gesture: