Ever see anything like this?

looks like something spilled on it??? thought it was septora, but to my knowledge, isn"t that usually spots or blotches? I am clueless…

This is a clone in soil. I am seeing it on a 1 week veg stage seedling as well that seems to be getting same symptoms. also new growth coming in very light yellow, telling me iron def? or nute lockout?

I have quite many of them even though mine are not as pretty. I think it is due to too much light/too close or too much direkt wind from the fan (i think its the fan)

do not worry, everything will be glorious

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I had read something about two toned leaves a while back. It was called verigation, or something similar. It had a bunch of plant sciency stuff in the article but to paraphrase; it’s not caused by a deficiency and you should be fine.

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you can also read stuff about some mosaic virus but thats not it either

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@Back-in-the-Saddle plant is okay. It’s a genetic defect. I had a super lemon haze grow the same way.


awesome, thanks everyone - greatly appreciate your input and experience. ive had many occasional grows over the last 30 yrs and not once did i ever see that before. what worried me is that its happening to one of my 3 week old autos, wanted to nip it quick if it was an issue. Ill be taking pics and updating my thread in auto support, check it out n lemme know what u think.
Huge sigh of relief- thanks again and keep it coming!

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I’ve had a few leaves like that, not so many together. Usually just 1-2/ plant.
Never any issues.
The do look weird though.

It is definitely weird… I’m glad you all have had some experience with this because it was driving me insane! Ppm, ec, pH all were ok, then the seedling about 6’ away started too! Lol! Thanks for replying, I’ll keep u updated

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