Ever Have A grow Hermie Then Turn Back?

I never heard of it but it happened to me,Its late so I will find the pictures of them and post them later,It was like my second grow about 5 years ago they were indoor and my belief was that not knowing that you are not supposed to let plants get light on them when they are sleeping I would open the tent anytime whether the lights were on or off during flower and veg,well before i knew it I was watching 4 of my plants grow seeds and I was told that I had to get them out of the tent or they would all hermie,so i put them in my basement stairway and every morning I would open the doors and let the sun shine on them and when it was raining i had to close the doors and put a light on them(summer time),the reason i didnt want to throw them out was because they were just too beautiful to give up on and when i was growing up all my weed had seed and we just deseeded our smoke,I plucked all I could while they were in the stairway every day then about 3 weeks went by and when they were ready to harvest the pot was awesome and seedless, I’ll post the pics later,hope im in the right catagory,new to the computer thing


Sadly once a plant hermis the results are set in motion

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If I’m understanding it right due to my inexperience at the time all those pod’s that were growing and I was plucking off for a little over a week were not the beginning/new growth of seeds,they had the white shell of a newly growing seed inside the green pod covering it,So I’m going to assume the plants were hammered with Calyx and I must have mistaking them for seed pods,

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