Ever get different seeds from ilgm

So i decided to try ilgm out. Shipping and everything went great. After. Getting a few going. I started to notice one is considerably different. Im sure these things happen no biggie but how can i go about identifying whst strain it is?

Supposed to be master kush. Any help would be appreciated. Cant train either node spacing wont allow me to bend :confused:

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The same strains often look different due to genetic (phenotype) differences. Think about brothers and sisters and sons and daughters. They rarely look alike unless they are identical twins. The only way to ensure plants are always the same is to clone them. Commercial cannabis growers typically do this.

Raise or lower the intensity of your lighting to get more space between nodes.

Happy growing.


Noted. Thank you. Ill raise that one up then. Assumed they all had to be same height. Thanks again


Hi there @Newb11 , your plants look real healthy. In the long run they’ll start looking similar. I’d view training as a long term objective slowly spreading and leveling the top of the canopy. It works well to pinch a branch slightly in order to crush up the interior portion of the branch but keeping the exterior intact, thus being able to bend said branch. This works only when branches are young and properly hydrated. They do look good though!

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Has it been topped?

I recently saw a YouTube video showing how to “CRACK” the stem, without breaking.
Then the demonstrator cracked multiple inches of the stem receiving bend training.
The mentioned trick was to do this process (crack and bend), before stem develops to much girth.
His pinch and roll while twisting the stem technique was audible (actual “CRACK” sound heard on video demonstration) and results appeared successful. Your plant looks good and soil looks almost too wet. What size container?

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What is the relationship for node spacing to light height or intensity?
How would (or do) DLI and PPFD or LUX factor into node spacing?

Probably Kyle Kushman’s “chiropractic” method. Kyle is a legendary grower.

Cannabis is a very light hungry plant. A lot of light will encourage tight nodes and a compact plant. Not enough light will cause cannabis to stretch out seeking more light. It’s something you get accustomed to managing with experience.

I shoot for 300 PPFD for seedlings, 600 - 800 PPFD for veg, and 1,000 to 1,200 PPFD for flowering. These levels have resulted in plants with reasonably spaced nodes. Not too spindly, and not so compact that you can’t train the plant or have problems with airflow and light penetration.

I didn’t word that very well. It should read “Raise the light or lower the light’s intensity to get more space between the nodes.”


Thank you. I never had a light meter ap, before. Now I am half blind trying to read it in the tent.
Time to get my sunglasses on and go measure. I need tighter nodes for cola development.
My VIPAR R900 and V600 with a Vivosun “1000Watt” (100 watt) all on max, I measure 700 PPFD at 24-26 inches. Wanting to end Veg cycle and push on to Flower, Next week. Fearing I have LED envy, but resources are spent.

Bill Ward posted the YouTube video (many others available).
So I just checked a plant, for run-off. I watered a gallon, decided to top add some FFOS. Surprised that it took additional water before run-off occurred (almost another gallon).4-gal container, water PH in 6.35. The run-off measured PH 5.5 and PPM 2000(?). My question would be, did the newly added liter of soil lower my numbers(making soil hot?), as it also got watered?
@MidwestGuy, Thank you for your answers, above

I wouldn’t expect such a small amount of OF to drive it up so far, though it’s not uncommon to get very high PPMs with it. Where are your PPM been running?

@MidwestGuy Honestly, I just got the PPM meter, no experience using. Not even sure I got it right, yet.
All watering has avoided run-off after learning about possible hot soil due to prior to planting “soil conditioning” (tried to measure PH of run-off, for analysis of needed PH on input water). Garden in week 7. There was an episode of PH DOWN guessing, before digital PH meter pen arrived, and PH was done titrating (color blinding). Burned quite a few and too embarrassed to show pictures. Learned not to repeat that blunder.

I would avoid feeding next time and just go with water and see where your PPM is then.

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Yes, next watering of another candidate will be tried and measured.

Yes they have been topped sorry this month haz been crazy. Ill send updated photo soon. No major issues right now. Height shouldnt be issue anymore.should not get much tallwr surely.

Updated. I dont think much can be done now for training. Guess zome just going to be a full bodied girl lol. Thank you all for input

Back right plant the compact one but they are all same seed from ilgm. Starting to smell delicious though