Even With "Rapid Rooter Plugs"


A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

“AK-47 seeds. Both seeds were in water for about 24 hours. Notice nice split in seed and beginnings of white root popping out. Then placed in growing medium of “Rapid Rooter Grow Medium” “Rapid rooter plugs are fortified with general hydroponic micronutrients for abundant root growth” and to date( 3 weeks and 1 week respectively) nothing has happened. Both plugs are in dark area with soft cover to simulate humid environment. Any suggestions? Thank you for your help.”


3 weeks? They should have already popped.
Have you kept the rapid rooter moist? And warm 78-80*
And when you placed in the rr was you very careful not to break the extremely fragile tap root.


Yes, I kep water in the bottom of a tray and always check (like every morning) for growth. I live in a warm environment and the temp is appropriate. Poked a hole in the RR and tried to be as gentle as possible. Have germinated seeds before but never used the Rapid Rooter. Only ordered 3 AK-47 seeds and so far not any success. Might try the last seed in another medium. Any suggestions?

Also, can I send the unsuccessful seeds back for replacements?
Thank you for your help.


Use paper towel in ziplock after water in glass then put in moist soil


My procedure for germinating is as follows. I’ve had %100 success rate.
Fold up a paper towel and moisten it. Place seed in paper towel and the put on a paper plate. Take another paper plate and put over the top creating a cover. Place in a warm dark place. Check periodically to ensure the paper towel stays moist. Once the top root pops out and is around 1/2" - 1" long transplant into seedling starter soil about an inch into the soil with the tap root facing down. (I use tweezers for this)
Again this is just what I do many soak there seeds first to speed up the germination process.

ILGM does gauruntee there seeds if you follow there instructions. Maybe @Majiktoker, @latewood or @garrigan62 can help you with that process.


How much water are they getting, as well as temps and humidity these could be big factors. Send a message to customer support explaining what happened likely they will be generous enough to help send replacements, but if you get replacements you wouldn’t have to send back the other ones


I just drop my seeds in the rapid rooters, then water and cover the hole with a little dirt and stick it in a plastic seed starter tray with a dome. It has not failed me yet “knock on wood”. I stick it under a light too, a cfl or led work’s great. I couldn’t get the paper towel technique to work so I don’t do it. Everyone has there own way though. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hi, I use nothing but rapid rooters and have 90% germination. I soak my rapid rooters in water with a starter solution 1-1-1 and after soaking for 15 minutes I take them out of water and shake out excess water do not squeeze. Then I put them in a humidity dome and cover them so they are dark and put in a warm spot, usually on top of my veg box [grandmas secret garden] and in 3 to 4 days they have popped. you also must put some of the starter water in bottom of humidity dome tray.


I also get 85 to 90% results cloning with the rapid rooters. There may be better ways than rapid rooters but they have worked great for me.


that’s pretty much my technique. soak seeds in ph balanced water overnite. Put into rapid rooter plug, set in a little tray with a humidity dome, I put a heat pad underneath and a small led panel over. When they have grown a bit and got some real leaves, I put them in this new bubblecloner, which I created after seeing a fellow forum members post on their creation.