Evaporative cooling system in 2x2 grow tent

Hi I’m a Beginner indoor grower from the far east. I am not if this question has been asked. My question is I’m from a country where it is summer through out the whole year and the average humidity in my country is about 50 to 65% and the temperature is about 30 to 24 at day and 27 to 30c at night.due to personal reasons I cannot afford to have the ac running in my room while I’m out for work during the day, so I’m thinking, is the evaporative cooling system has any effect inside the grow tent to reduce the heat?

I’m using marshydro 2x2 ts600 grow tent kit with ventilation and carbon filter.

I’ll be very appreciate if my question can be answered


Have a nice day

Is it possible to switch the light cycle around so it’s running at night when temperatures are cooler?

@Covertgrower thanks for the reply. Yes it’s possible. I can do that. growweedeasy.com also recommend switching light cycle. But I’m worry about day time. I’d read alot on the internet, all of them more or less said the same thing about keeping the optimal temperature in between 21 to 28c. That’s what I’m trying to achieve. Is 1 or 2 Celsius make a lot difference. Even at night the temperature are constantly staying at 29 to 30 Celsius. Is 30c too hot for cannabis plant?

30°C is okay for cannabis. I consider 31 to be my cut off. It’s on the warmer end, but as long as the plant isn’t showing signs of stress, you should be okay.

Thanks again mate. I’m growing for the first time, a bit paranoid.