European Corn Borer. šŸ˜­ HELP

2nd year growing outdoors in the Midwest. Soil. last year plants were out in the open. European Corn Borer took out about 1/4 of the crop. This year, bought an outdoor grow tent. Used preventative measures like Tanglefoot and some other things. European Corn Borer has taken out 3/4 of my buds. At this rate, out of 23 plants id be surprised if I get 5 oz. Iā€™m heartbroken, angry and disgusted. My plants were pretty decent. Has anyone had any success combatting this SOB without using harsh chemical pesticides? Any advice at all appreciated. Thank u.

This post is pretty old. But did you find the solution? My outdoor plants are not flowering yet, but I found borer holes on main stems on several plants. Will be injecting bt or spinosad with the syringe tomorrow. Wondering if it works.

I have problems with these every year and used to have to carve up half my plants to remove the affected areas. Last year I injected BT in the holes via syringe with some success. But I dont have time this year. So I am giving them a good soak when I spray them with hope that the plant will ingest in and therefor the worms feeding on them.