Eu quero a fechadura do sofá!

Hi my friend, help me again.

Eh a dos-si-dos and another runtz muffin, both almost 22 weeks old. Flora is 14 weeks old.

The doubt is the following, when I look at some flowers of the dosidos, 90% of the trichomes are in amber, but in other flowers the majority are milky. However, 70% of the stalks are still white, and I feel that they could grow more, what do you think, how much longer do I wait on this plant to harvest?

As for the runtz muffin, it has been looking strange for about 3 weeks now, the leaves are turning yellow and I haven’t noticed a lot of weight gain. However, the pestils are 80% white and the trichomes have flowers that are 50% amber and another 20% amber, however the pestils are not yellowing proportionately. Do you think I should harvest or wait longer?


Hellllllp :sweat_smile:

help :joy: plissss

Is this an autoflower or a photoperiod?

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Interesting. She looks like she may just have bad genetics.

I have one of those now too. Disappointing when they turn out ugly.

I would probably harvest it now, and start a new one. Not sure what you have is worth waiting for more of.

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That’s exactly what I’m going to do. Thank you for your help

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