Etiquette for sharing

Hmm, too late for stealth. We’ve already talked about my grow and they want to know all about it. Gonna be legal in their state soon, so they’re considering options. :seedling:

Is it legal in YOUR state?

Legality changes everything. Several of my friends are growing now in California. A buddy/bandmate just gave me a big jarful of gorgeous bud, and I’ll reciprocate when I can. When friends come over, I always take them out to see my garden! Hey, I’m too proud . . . and a bit too obsessed! :smile:


Yep, I’m in MA.


The best thing about smoking for me has always been the whole ritual of it from opening the container and smelling it, breaking it up and smelling it again, packing a clean glass pipe or brass pipe to get the full taste of the green, lighting and tasting that first hit. Rolling a joint is just as satisfying and a clean iced bong works too.

Clean iced bongs are the mellowist smoke I think.


It turned out one of the fam was anticipating a drug test in the next few days, and his S.O. was skipping in solidarity, so we didn’t party together. I did try the iced bong, and it was amazing. Even smoother than my vaporizer.

My neighbors have been curious, too, so after the next harvest I’ll probably have some of them over, so I’m sure I’ll put the knowlege to use! :sunglasses: