Ethos-Pluto cut rf3- need help

So I just bought these Ethos Pluto cut autoflower seeds. I’ve looked around trying to do some research on how people have grown it successfully and what advice they could offer (haven’t found shit) so has anyone grown this before and has any advice on what soil it prefers hours of light etc?

No comments on that specific strain, but autoflowers in general. Start it in its forever home, dome it, don’t over water, you’ll do great. Welcome to ILGM.


I am growing it now.


How long has been growing for ? Are you just germinating at the moment?

Just started a few days ago. You can follow my grow journal if you like.

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And thanks man I’ll look into he basics of autoflower and just go from there . Does a 20/4 light ratio sound good or go for the 18/6 ?

Fs, will do bro thanks :pray:t6:

No problem. Happy growing.

I recommend 18/6 or 12/12. It’s not necessary to give it 24 hours of light. It also hurts the electric bill at the end of the month.
I had excellent results with 12/12.

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Do I still need to switch it to 12/12 during flowering stage ? Or does it stay on same light schedule it’s whole life ?

You can do either. Some auto flowers with poor genetics need a kickstart with 12/12 to get them to flower. Most you can do either schedule all the way through, and they’ll flower when they want to.

Hmm I’ll start with the 12/12 see what happens. @AutoMattik what cycle are you gonna do with your Pluto’s ? Maybe ill do another see if there’s much difference :thinking:

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I am a 18/6 guy.

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@AutoMattik Which ref book do you have, google is nice but I’m old school and would like a actual book. Yes I’m a dinosaur

As far what? Thanks

I’ve decided to go with 20/4 light cycle, I just got the seeds, came with a ethos strain not yet released!


All ten of mine are up already. Good luck.

Thanks bro good luck to you I will start a journal later this week when get them in the ground- HappyGrowing!:v:t5: