Estimating three more weeks to go and fan leaves dying


This is my second grow, first was awesome. First grow was Sativa and had lockout but recovered. This second test is two Indica strains (muts). The fan leaves are/were really big. One grew tall and one has flat top of 8 or 9 tops, very pretty. Think I fimmed it right by mistake.
The worry is big fan leaves on the tall one are dying off. Much more so than the short flat top. At first I thought I had a PH issue, found meter not calibrated. My bad and now use drops as well as meter.
So I assume just chill and watch the awesomeness bloom.
The first picture is from 1/24/16 and second 1/5/16.


have you tested your ph at run off?? im betting lock out but not positive ,Need more info medium ,temps, nutrients,lites ph of water at run off strains ECT all of it helps folks to help you ,good growing


Medium is Grow Pro. Temps range 68 to 79. EC currently 1.6 in and tested out as same. Currently PH 5.8 to 6.2.

several weeks ago I found that PH meter I switched to was not calibrated, dumb on my part. I had two feedings where PH was way to high. Flushed 6 gallons and tested PH out just about 7.0.

Next feedings tested PH 6.0 (± .2) and EC out of 1.6.

They look really healthy at the tops showing new growth daily. Thanks for the input.


What type of medium is Grow Pro?


Premier Horticulture 3.8-CF Pro Mix HP High Porosity with Mycorise


Decided to cut off the dead and mostly dead leaves. All the kolas are green, fat and full. The tall one sucks up water faster than the shorter one. This is the hard part of the cycle, when to harvest. Patience!
This is my second grow and had same type of issues three weeks into flowering. First grow we learned about lockout, salts and flushing. That grow produced 9.5 ounces of killer smoke, four sativa clones I had inherited when friend shutdown.
Some of the tall one trichromes are leaning toward milky. Short one still clear.
At this point running 1 gallon of purified water every other day or so, no nutrients. PH testing out 7.0 and EC .2 to .4 range.


Looking great and your amount of water used for flushing is too !!!


Thanks. In talking with my friend who is intermittently guiding me he suggested I could do another feeding, maybe half of normal. We both agree two to three more weeks. I started flowering 12/10 and these were generic seeds from bottom of bag.


You are right 2-3 more weeks puts your plant in the “harvest window”