Estimates on time left

This ILGM GDP is 7 weeks of 12/12 today. Obviously it’s not going to be ready in two weeks. Any estimates on how many weeks are left? I had a little reveg issue early on flower. I’m going to start hitting it with some cha Ching to help density. Is there any other products you recommend that would be better than cha ching?


Looking good so far, but we definitely need to see the trichomes closer up to see for sure.

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Why obviously?

Because the pistils are so white looking. And seems like they should be a little denser and I don’t see it being ready in two weeks. I’ve been trying to research if there is something that will help with density other than cha Ching. I’ve read mixed opinions on it.


Almost all the hairs are still white looking at trichomes now is not gonna matter much. Plant has awhile to go still. Wait for the hairs to turn mostly all brown and are receding into the calyx’s. Then start checking trichomes.


You’re still looking 3-4 weeks out. May not take that long but would surprise me. These plants seem to pack the density on in the last 2 weeks or so, just before chopping. I would continue doing what you are doing. I wouldn’t add or change much if anything. Just my 2 cents. Girls are looking good!

I might would remove some of those large fan leaves blocking lower bud sites. But otherwise coast to the end.

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Right on. Thanks for the feedback.

What light are u using. Light will be the main ingredient for dense buds not nutrients. If u have good lighting and enough for the spot u should habe dense buds unless u have heat issues. Heat will also cause buds to not firm up like they should. My guess is it is gonna be under lighting may not be alot under but enough that u r not getting the density u want.

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I grew random bag beans under blurples and thought i had bomb ass buds. Were huge but airy light. Got new hlg lights grew same seeds out under them and i bet i can use the budsto break out windows of ppls houses. The buds r rock ass hard. They r hard to break up they r so compacted. Lol. Came out to be like mexican brick weed so when my uncle is dry and dont have smoke he co es hereand gets this from me and he smokes the mbw.

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I’m using a CMH 315. They’re starting to come along I think. And my temps are being kept 75 to 79 depending on if the AC is running. Is some jerry rigging engineering for you.

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That’s the light I want. Glad to hear you’re having good luck with it. Now I just need to convince her to spend that kind of money, but I grow it for her.

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I did the same thing from my portable ac unit for my bathroom for like a week and a half. Lol. It worked great tho room stayed about 74 degree with air on. Used 3 inch flex duct about 8 feet long lol. Now i have all hlg loght no blurples the room stays aboit 76 or so at most without air tube going there

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