Estimated time to harvest?

Hey y’all. I’m looking get more of couch lock high. I honestly can’t see the difference in cloudy and not cloudy lol. Any idea on how long till I should harvest these?


Probably 3 weeks or so but ought to cut back on the Nitrogen as I can see signs of toxicity. This will produce smaller yields if you aren’t on top of it.


Okay cool! Everyone’s saying that! Haha I’m not feeding nitrogen I’m only using kool bloom that’s 0 10 10 I think it may be in the soil or somthing thank you !


Recommend giving the plant a thorough flush and monitor the TDS out until you are below 1,200 ppm or so. If you don’t lower it your harvest will suffer.


I agree, another few weeks or so based on all the white pistils she still has. I agree with the flush, too…if your soil is pretty hot to start with, or has any time release fertilizers in it, it’s very easy to burn them with too much N in flower. Looks great, otherwise! She’s got some swelling to do yet, get her squared away for the finish and she’ll reward you for it! :+1:

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I’m using nectar of the gods soil #4 but when they were seedlings in cups I had them in miracle grow pro. So it may be left over from the miracle grow. I’ll flush thank you guys!


What they said… check you nutrients and make sure no Nitrogen is in it. Ph your water and give the soil a good wash down but take a reading of the runoff when you start and and a couple as you proceed. Once you get the soil washed out let er dry up a bit! Obviously it will be pretty saturated!