Estimate yield, when harvest

Hi everyone so I’m new, today is my big day to chop. Have a grow journal GSCX autos for newbies, For more info take a look. I would like to have a guess of what I hang tonight will turn out to be ? Been doing some reading and from what I can figure is that if I “Wet Trim” and plan to, then I’m looking at about 12-15 % of what I hang will be actually be bud to smoke roughly 5 % smaller buds larf. Does that sound about ? Honestly just curious to see what I end up with. Thanks :pray:

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Well put it this way what ur harvest weighs wet u can expect to lose about 70%water weight ,so it means if you have 4oz wet when it drys ur goin to have around 2.5oz dry so to speak


And ur best of thinking ur goin to less on a harvest that way u wont get upset when u do have small harvest and when u find u have more yhan u thought u will be happy

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@Kingkupa Generally it’s about 20-25 % of your wet weight.
Sativa or indica leaning has some bearing on the final outcome as well.
Lighter thinner vs heavy dense nuggets.



Thanks a lot just trying to get a guess. I’m super F###ing excited to make it this far. Whatever I end up with is more then I started with, and if it is awful, then going to be making a lot of edibles. So I have a 200% positive out look just curious? If 70% is moisture, I put out up 4 oz 112 grams. If I do 15% of that, so I lose 15% to stems, larf and small stuf. That only gives me 16.8 grams. Not even an oz, so is my math that wrong ?

Pics from 2 days ago, shut them up 48 hrs darkness, there mostly all rock hard buds


Looking good!!! Let us know the dry weight. Just fyi, you want low and slow on the dry. (60 degrees at 60%RH). I trim off all the big fan leaves but leave some smaller leaves to slow down the drying. Plus wet trimming sucks big time.

Yes yes, 60/60 is the magic numbers. Will be drying in an extra tent, so feel pretty confident I can get pretty close to those numbers. Nice and slow no rush on my end. Like said first timer so will try to get all big leaves off to make trimming was when it is cured. Thanks again will post results later


So if you have 112 grams wet. Here you go.

112g x 0.80% = 89.6g

Now you do this.

112g - 89.6g = 22.4g

I generally just do 80% loss so if I get a few grams more woohoo. :+1::+1::+1:


Ok so 80% no good, take 20% of wet weight and that will give me a good guess. That’s awesome thanks a lot, like said just trying to get an ideal of what I have

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You can crunch the numbers a couple ways. Either use 80% or 20% and you get the exact same number.

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When drying try to keep ur humidity around ,50% and ur temp atound 72f a slower dry is better it takes about 7-9 days for drying to check if its ready bend a stem and if uou hear a bteaking sound its dry and ready for curing in jars but make u trim ur buds be for i put them in jars

Just under 500 g, 2 plants Current drying tent 62 humidity, 72 degrees close enough ? Thanks