Essentials for grow closet?


A question from a fellow grower:

I’ve had a couple of damping off incidents and Ive finally ordered some good seed.about to third times a charm it. In closet with Apollo grow light. I gave hygrometer and thermometer. What else is critical and how far really should I keep from light?


For light distance it really depends on the light. Is it a Apollo HPS or LED? For HPS you basically run your light at a distance that won’t be to hot for the top of the canopy. Use the back of your hand to test the heat. If your hand burns, move the light further away. There’s also a light chart online that you can download.

For a closet grow you still need a circulating fan inside the closet, and an extraction fan to pull warm air out of the closet. Make a hole in the bottom of the closet where fresh air can be drawn into. Other than that you just need to seal the closet so there are no light leaks or else you could have problems during flowering.

These are the very least that you need.


You need a PH pen. A TDS pen. The fans Lyla suggested, and I love the advice to open a hole in the floor. I have one…However; My hole is for my Vortex extraction/carbon scrubber set up.

No idea what an Apollo light is. If you want advice on equipment; You need to add a picture, or a link. Peace


I don’t think a PH or TDS pen is needed when you starting out, provided you start with an easy to grow, beginner strain which is your best bet. I’ll probably be getting a PH within the next 2 weeks because I have changed strains and these new strains seem much more fussy about the enviroment.

Getting some very light bronze color on some leaves but I know its not lack of nutes or burn so it must be PH or something else.

Could you explain what a TDS pen is? and also how to use a PH pen. I’ve contacted some stores and now I’m not sure what PH pen to get. I can get 1 that you stick directly into the soil and 1 that you stick into water so I’m not sure which one is better.

If I do get the water PH pen, how would I measure the PH at the root zone?


I suggest you download and read our Free Grow Bible.

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