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Yes My wife thinks more about expired foods and stuff. But I made some Massage oil with THC in it for my bride and after I was done I left it on the dresser and it grew mold Green and White fuzzy and it had a coconut oil base.

I have some oil I’ve had in the fridge since April. I just look at it, it just looks like coconut oil.

I keep everything in the fridge it will go mouldy if you don’t. There are no preservatives kept sealed in the fridge it should last for a couple of months. 2-3 I haven’t tried freezing yet but plan to experiment soon to see if it loses potency or not and for how long. If I can and vacuum seal it that would be great!

Does anyone know if freezing the Cana butter will degrade the THC and terpenoids ?

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You can just pour the chocolate onto a parchment paper in a cookie sheet or cake pan. Then put it in the fridge and cut it up after it’s hard. no fancy molds required. That’s how I started out anyway. FYINot wax paper or the wax gets in the chocolate.

RSO/feco is better for dosing and if you’re looking to use less fat.

You can put feco into anything without adding tons of extra fats like you do with oil infusions.

Also, the less time you soak your herbs and the colder the temps, the better the taste. Your concentrate doesn’t need to soak for days. In fact, 5 minutes to an hour is plenty of time. Chlorophyll is not your friend. :grinning:

Freezing is fine. Preserves everything for longer.

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That is new info to me, I read a study five or so years ago and it showed that thc degraded in the freezer and it should be held at 65% humidity in a dark place for optimum preservation. I just googled it and there was a new study in Italy 2019 which showed it faired better in the freezer than at room temperature.
Science is ever changing. My freezer is not big enough.


As long as it’s in an air tight container, it will be fine. I never store buds in the freezer, but I’ll store oils and edibles in there for long-term storage.

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Not sure if I can post that story it may be a conflicting site. Just google freezing pot. Rx leaf Francis Cassidy.