ES300 V2 newbie seeking pointers

I replaced two Viparspectra 450’s with a ES300V2 last week in a tent that has 6 plants vegged over 8wks and ready to flower. My goal was to get them acclimated to the new light then switch to 12/12. I’ve had the light 44” from the canopy since installing it (which is the max height I can go) and haven’t made it past the top right corner on the dial which I’m guessing is around 60-65% strength. I’m new to LED lights and I knew this was a much better light than what I was using but are they really that strong? Just wondering how long others using this light have taken to get their plants used to it.

@iGrowBud has a couple.
Maybe he will comment on them.

I just go 100% when they hit the flower room. 12/12


I finally have the dial up to 80% without the leaves drooping. I’m going to start lowering it down now and wait to increase power once I’m at 24” above the canopy and flowering starts.

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I just bought one and installed yesterday. My plants are on day 50 since sprouting they look ok but I think they should be better. I installed at 36 and guessing some where in the75 to 80 % range. I use a lux meter and getting 30,000 at the top of the plants. Guess we will know in a few days how it works. Day 1 with ES 300

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You’re going to be happy with it. Once my plants got adjusted to it the growth exploded. I left it at 36” above the canopy and let the plants grow up to it. Week two of 12/12 and they’re looking great.

I use 2 es300s one is a V2. Check my journal

My plants at 3 weeks since light change 2 weeks 12/12. I’m really impressed with the light at this point.

Looks good! I’m really impressed with the ES300. 3wks into flower and already getting some thick buds