Err little bastards! GNats!

Yes, I don’t think the H2O2 will make anything worse. I’m not convinced that it will really kill fungus gnat larva at very dilute ratios, so maybe the full strength recommendation is needed.


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cool. well really. i cant do anything until soil dries out. and D.E might be here by then.
but there might be a few days after i dry them out before it gets here. we will see.

but i do really appreciate your attention on this issue. if no one has told you recently…you rock!

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Aw shucks, thanks! :blush:


hey @MacGyverStoner
im just about dried out enough to apply H2O2.

i would like to wait another 24 hours…let it really dry out good.
but i do see wilting happening already. is it ok to let wilt for a bit?

or, should i go ahead and hydrate again with H2O2 included?

also,…no sign of little bastards in 2 days.

If you let it wilt too much it may not recover if it is mostly dried out do what you need to do and getter done :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Donaldj,
yeah, makes sense.
i believe i had a very minor case of gnats to begin with.

if i remember right, they wont drink when lights-out, correct?

side-note: looks like you going to win Iowa lol. GOP is freaking out. i love it!

your plants won’t drink as much at night if any

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yeah ill go and water after i watch the Patriots get knocked out of the playoffs. ::fingers crossed::

thanks again

DE is applied in 3 different ways.

  1. Proactive. Add to your soil before planting to protect plants from soft endoskeleton pests.
  2. Add a thin layer on top of your soil ii plant is already growing in pot.
  3. Using a common garden duster and dust the underside of the leaves.

DE does not mix well with water. I tired it years ago and ruined the sprayer straight away. It would take a strong mechanically sprayer to push the murky DE mix through the nozzle,. and this could be too much pressure for the plants to endure.

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great timing.
foodgrade DE just arrived this morning.
and i had planned on making a spray solution.


looks like it has snowed in my tent hehe.
that stuff is “fun” to work with. i had slipped a little and dropped some near fan,…and it blew all over lol. coated all leaves instantly, but lightly. i blew off what had landed on buds right away.
i guess thats ok? is there a thing as too much?

i sprinkled layer on top of soil and dusted leaves well. also applied near drain holes of plant container.

should i rinse off at anytime or no?

  • and as of last night, i did see another tiny gnat or 2. thought theyd gone but i was wrong.

hopefully this will do the trick.

I gave my plants a shower before I flushed Cool to tepid water, and give them a spray down. Try not to make water to harsh but, this does not hurt the plants.

Afterward make sure to have a couple extra fans in your room to dry them off quickly. It is worth the effort to eradicate the pests and save your crop.

thanks for the tips.

i do have fans to dry fast. and my RH stays at 35% so that should help prevent too much moisture causing a problem.

i am a little confused by your suggestion though.

shower plants i get, but then you flushed soil with cool water?
and after that apply DE with duster?

or is that for after ive dusted leaves?

Edit: duh,…that must be the answer to my question about rinsing off. got it!. TY

ok rinsed and flushed.

when you say gave plants a shower…im guessing you mean more than just sprayin with spray bottle?

i think its safe to say…that i got some of that stuff in every square inch of grow room lol.

took me awhile to clean up. but after rinsing off leaves with sprayer…still some white stuff, that ok?

DE is conpletely harmless to us so I see no need for panic

well the Gnats are gone.

thanks again for all your help guys.

i do wish somebody steered me away from 5 gallon buckets though. no, the buckets didnt make me overwater…but they are really horrible for what im using them for. all the moisture just sits at bottom. making it nearly impossible to know when watering is actually required.

ive order a bunch of smart pots…even though those have mixed reviews. but i have noticed that some members here use them with great success.

question: @Donaldj 3-gallon smartpot better than 5-gallon? ive read elsewhere that it results in better foliage growth. to use a 3 instead of 5. is that right?

I use and like the 5 gal ones but I also use 3 gal plastic bags too which I add extra holes to

Well my last bag of soil go figure had mites in it so todays planned transplants turned into me culling several plants and attacking my veg room with pyrethrum and a inspection of flower room grr… little bastards. So have a busy week ahead of me let the kill cycle begin tuesday mighty-wash thursday another wash friday DE dust session fricken pests… :rage: Yet another reason I am migrating away from soil had no bugs until last transplant when I baught new soil oh well I have the technology I can make them die every last fricken one of them sulfur burner is last on my list damn messy shite.

that sucks. the bag of soil came with mites in it already from the store?

it is the only common thread for the plants most heavily hit and the complete absence of their presence in my flower room which is quite lucky it’s still below zero outside and no plant matter not under snow or green for them to have come from. I don’t let other growers near my shit so pretty sure I found the most likely source it’s no huge deal I have a zero tolerance policy so I caught them fast and know exactly how to eradicate them in no time. If anything has helped me get my partner on board for full hydro conversion