Err little bastards! GNats!

well i hoped to not need to post in this section. but i gots lil gnats flying around.
not many, not yet!
but this is why 2 of my 4 plants have started goin’ pale.
i tripled-checked every-single-other-thing! and everything checks out.

i am sure i have overwatered. seems i am good at that. :rage:
i just ordered 10Lbs. of DE. and ive read countless threads about it.

but i have a question:
can DE be used as a “soak” method?
i understand the dry (dusting) application.
and this article explains the “wet method”

but…will either of those methods get down into the soil? or do i need to mix with water and fill container to saturate soil?

another question:

in the guides section. about pests and how to treat gnats…it recommends H2o2, to be mixed with water and applied while watering.
explains how this will not be harmful to plants at all. and will help to eradicate critters in soil.

all good right?

well some more poking around on some other site. by the way, that site has a disclaimer that says " everything on this forum is for entertainment value and should not be taken seriously" lol.
anyways,…some of the responses there included information implying that H2o2 will do allof the things the guide here says it will do, but it will also kill many beneficial micro-organisms :sob:

is this true? i have spent a great deal of time and money on making my soil perfect…and something like that sounds devastating.

i have decided against this method. and the sand,pantyhose, and cinnamon methods as well.

but i am curious if that bit of info is accurate?

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Check out this thread bro Donald said the same to me

I was thinking of using H2 tablets in my watering cycle and Donald said the same

The mix 50% water and 50% dish soap - spray the entire plant underside of leaves - if soil is contaminated need to re-plant them in “good” soil

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Hydrogen peroxide is an anti-microbial agent, it is regularly used to clean cuts people get. It doesn’t care what it kills, it clears bad AND good micro-organisms.

All your good, organic microbes will suffer, too.

Read more, wait for more info here, don’t rush using it.

D. E. sounds healthier, effective. Diatomaceous Earth food grade.

Dish washing soap (dawn is a popular choice,you don’t need the anti-microbial one) is a perfect start.
And maybe not half water, half soap…a teaspoon in a gallon of water will work.

Soap is a drying agent, it sucks the water out of the bugs. It destroys the protective coverings bugs have.

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any organic detergent usually is effective H2o2 could likely work but yes at a cost to your bene microbes so a layer of DE on surface is far better option in most cases you can eat the stuff it is safe and works.

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You can use DE in a spray as well. I mix 1 tablespoon DE per liter of water, shake well to mix thoroughly. Lightly spray on tops and bottoms of leaves and stems. When the water evaporates it will leave behind the DE. Do this every other day 3 times. After the third time wait a couple days and spray again with pure water to remove the DE from the leaves. Works like a champ on bugs :slightly_smiling:

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Hey Mr.Donald bro do you think this would help dilute this miracle grow I used for my seedlings so I don’t have to transfer or end up flushing soon…a couple of my leaves turned yellow on my bubblegum seedling yesterday

You can’t flush a time release soil sorry buddy everytime you water it releases more nutrients into the soil which would be toxic for your seedling to sit in so hot soil


thanks for the tips guys/gals.
i am gonna NOT water and let it dry out good. while i wait for my box of DE to arrive.

im about 3 weeks from harvest. i dont think re-planting is an option at this point.

i lifted my plant out of bucket.
when i did that, i saw 3-5 liltte !@#$ers flyin out.

my soil is 100% organic…so that plus overwatering (which i am perfecting as an art) is why they are in my dirt im sure.

here is pic of root ball. like i says,…dont think replanting would work.
i did layer bottom of bucket with more hot-soil. i had about 2" to fill in.

I too experienced a black gnat problem in the beginning of my soil grow. Little f- ers flying around every time I opened my tent. I did not want to hang a Raid sticky strip in my tent so I took the strip, cut it into smaller squares wedged it between to flat craft sticks stuck it in each pot my girls where in close to the dirt. Sounds stupid but it worked. No more gnats


man,…this cold time of year, all the garden stores are empty.

went to three stores today, HD,Ace, and Lowes. couldnt find anything to help with Gnats.
ended up buying a “pantry pest killer” its a small sort-of pyramid with sticky on the inside. and some weird type of “lure” that is supposed to attract moths and “other pests”.
so i put 2 of those near the plants.

i did spray with mildly soapy water. hopefully that will prevent it getting worse until my D.E arrives in a couple days. but it has spread to other plants now :sob:

question though:
i have a bottle of Botanicare-Hydroguard. HydroGuard is a natural bacterial root inoculate designed to decompose organic matter and convert it to nutrients that can be absorbed directly by plant roots.
the active ingredient “Bacillus Amyloliquefaciens” (0.038%) is supposed to help create a natural environment.

question is,…will this help specifically with gnats/larvae?

Bacillus indicates it is a type of bacteria. Fungus gnats are called fungus gnats because the larva eat fungus and the fine root hairs, they do not really eat the bacteria. It shouldn’t hurt, and it might help by breaking down the roots and other decomposing organic material into something the fungus and the gnats can’t eat.

Also, I wouldn’t worry too much about H2O2 killing your good microbes, especially when you are eventually replacing them with an inoculate like Hydroguard. Try looking into some “great white” or other good bacteria/good fungi (mycorrhizae) inoculates.



interesting, thank you.

i cant use right now anyway, because i really really dont want to water again lol.

gonna go to local grow store later and find some better sticky traps.

in the meantime i will wait for the D.E and hope these little pests dont ruin all my hard work :frowning:

the good news is…all the leaves around the buds,…are staying a nice green color. it seems they pulling nutes from other leaves, so if i can get these gnats gone…might be no or little loss i hope.

The H2O2 will actually bring a lot of O2 (oxygen) into the soil, so if it is done right away and near the last time you watered, it shouldn’t hurt.

Sprinkling the DE on the soil, when you water, it will move down into the soil. And it will help prevent the adult from landing on the surface to lay more eggs.

Also maybe try to put some into the soil at the bottom, at the drain holes so the gnats can’t access the soil from the end either.


i did put more super soil at bottom a few days ago. like 2" more.

hmm…so you think using H2O2 will have no downside?

should i apply at this level?

make a mixture of 3% hydrogen peroxide and water at a 1:4 ratio.

or maybe a little milder?