Err are these Hermosa?

Hi. Can anyone tell me if these are hermies? And if so should I yank this whole plant as it’s right next to a flowering fem. sorry it’s a super newb question but these don’t look like their ww counterparts

Pics in white light would help us identify better.

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phone messed up while posting, just added pics but it sais its been too long (15 min) and can no longer edit lol, so gonna make a new post with the pics, thanks mate

Dont have to make a new thread. Just post da pics here. Welcome to the site btw

i tried, it said it was too late to edit the post… it had been 15 mins new post is up anyways, and thank you!

Didnt have to edit that comment. Like u replied again. Coulda just made another post on this one. No harm no fuss tho homie. I just answerd ur post over there and will get this cleaned up.

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hermie1 hermi2 hermie3 hermie4 nvm got it, lol this site is a lil confusing at first

It is. And I talk in circles. A mod will be along to fix it for us. Lets go to the other thread tho. Alot more on topic

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