Equipment (camera?) question

I’ve noticed in several grow journals, when sexing plants or getting near harvest, people post some amazing magnified pictures. Especially the trichome pics. Is that some kind of special camera you need to get those shots?

A hd camera or a magnifying glass or jewelers loop with 60x100 magnification.

You can use the 60x100 jewelers loop and take a picture with a phone.

Hope this info helps, you can find one on Amazon for probably 5$-$20.
Happy growings to you

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The feature you are describing is called “Macro”. You need to buy a camera with a Macro function. This allows for extreme close up photos with incredible detail :slight_smile:

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I have seen USB digital microscopes that get hooked up to your computer through the USB port.
I haven’t tried it, but the photos people have posted with them look detailed. The prices range from $15 and up.


Thank you @latewood couldn’t think of the name right off hand :smile:

I put a macro lens on my nikon d60 it takes great pics. I also use a coleman microscope plugged into the computer it has great enhancement.

Take care.