Equalizing indoor light early to determine sex?


Is this an okay procedure: to equalize the light over seedlings until the reveal their sex and then reset the balance of day and night light?




Same question :joy:, for my understanding you want to put your plants from regular seeds in Flowering stage (12/12) until them show the sex(male/female) then put them back in veg stage (18/6)… Set to watching!
And let’s ask this guys what they think about this
@Countryboyjvd1971 @Donaldj @Hogmaster @garrigan65
Or any other who have done it or know this can work whitout stress the plant to much :wink:



Ya that’s one way of doing it



If you have the room a unrooted clone will also sex taking a cutting and placing it in water under 12/12


Most of the time they need the be around 4 weeks old or so before they’ll show sex right? Switching a seedling to 12/12 will just prolong the amount of time they take to show in my experience.


I perfer doing what @Donaldj recommended
Take a cuting from each and flower the cutting this will tell you what you have


Thx guys! :heart_eyes:


@D5. I’ve done what you are talking about before I started using fem seeds and I never had a problem. Just go 12/12 until you see what you have, then take your lights back up to 18/6 or whatever light schedule you prefer.

Good luck


Thank you all for your input!