Equality of CBD's


I have never used just a cbd oil and my tinctures have always been made with high thc & high cbd product. A friend was diagnosed with cancer. Hes wants to try cbds to help. Are all cbd oils the same?


my opinion,absolutely not @Laurap
people will sell you anything…
unless you are buying from a trusted company… i put little trust in folks now a days…


What about cbd oil here?


i do not know @Laurap,i can only account for my own…lol
rick simpson himself said the best medicine is what you can produce yourself…
this is where i’m getting my reasoning…lol


My daughter takes CBD oil from a dispensary for epilepsy . I think there is a difference in the way it is made . They claim the process of making it with CO2 is supposed to be a purer product . They have two types that she can use , one is more concentrated than the other . She has not had a seizure in over 6 months after starting CBD oil . She still takes her regular medicine along with the oil . We are hoping we can back off some of the the meds some day .


i would feel better about getting cbd oil from a dispensary…online???not so much
i’m glad that is working @Seeddog


You make my heart glad! Best wishes to you & yours!


I know i make my own but in this state i cant tell anyone. Ive sent him to ilgm seed shop to try their cbds . Thanks for your input!


you are welcome dear!


I used to order oils from cali online. Was always really good quality stuff :smirk:


Thanks for your response. I thought about cali, however he isnt wanting any thc. Its taken me a month to talk him into trying cbds. He is afraid of cannabis. Guess he saw Reefer Madness & believed.


i have a friend who is in alot of pain with liver issues…
i’ve begged him to try my capsules,but he is the same way…
scared of it…ignorant


They sure did a number on some folks! Dont they realize cannabis was an elixir for hundreds of years?


thousands of years @Laurap


@Laurap the cbd on Ilgm I still buy every month I would not be wasting my money on it if it wasn’t any good I have had nothing but bad experiences with these cbd shops and dispensary there all in for the money but I figured if Ilgm Genetics are this good I gave the oil a try I bought it the first day it came out and I’ve been buying it every month since Then and that’s just the person to person has nothing to do with buying from the website just want to make sure your friend gets the medication he needs especially if he’s willing to try if I could guarantee it I would genetics are this good I gave the oil a spin the first day it came out and I’ve been buying it every month since and that’s just person to person has nothing to do with buying from the website just want to make sure your friend gets the medication he needs especially if he’s willing to try if I could guarantee it I would hope this helps :wink:


Truly appreciate your information. He went to site, not sure what hes going to do. All i can do is lead to water. Going to try your tincture recipe soon as i can find again. Had it saved on phone & lost phone same day. Made an Everclear tincture with crystal, very effective!


Hey Seeddog!

I’m glad someone here came out and finally said it, CBD’s WORKS! “She has not had a seizure in over 6 months after starting CBD oil”. One of my favourite teachers in high school, Mr. Richie had epilepsy and one day (the only day this happened in school) he had a seizure right in class and it freaked us out. That day he was just teaching some cool stuff about history as usual, when he just froze and starting starring at nothing and it must have lasted 30 seconds when he snapped out of it. He knew he’d just had one and must have seen our stunned expressions and apologized and explained. That was the first time I ever heard of it. I was in tears and stood up after and told him, “You don’t have apologize Mr. Richie. You’re one of the coolest teachers in our school!” I sat down, zee rest of zee class clapped and Mr. Richie smiled and laughed and said, “Thank you for that. I’m honoured, truly, but this little seizure was nothing in comparison to some of the doozies I’ve had. Last year on our summer vacation, I had one driving home from the grocery store. Just as I was pulling into the driveway, it kicked in and I swerved off the driveway and ploughed right through my living room window, through the kitchen and came out the wall and landed in our backyard!” He saw our even more stunned expressions and really laughed out loud and we asked him to stop teaching and tells us the story again in detail. So he did, but he didn’t stop teaching cause he taught us all to be thankful we didn’t have that disease. I wish he had of heard of CBD’s back then.

I’ve been really fascinated by CBD’s lately. I’m a big BC black-market grower and have had lots of time to read up on it. So you’re right Seeddog, there IS a HUGE difference in the way its made! And like Laurap said, most of it is snake oil, so you really gotta do your research to find the good correctly made pure stuff.

I think CBD’s are the new frontier in commercial Cannabis since most everyone in North America can grow their own weed legally and not have to buy it from licensed dispensaries with its price jacked up from govt taxes. And not all the CBD’s these dispensaries sell are good, and on-line bad worthless CBD’s are rampant. I’ve learned one important thing so far and that’s you gotta be super careful who you buy it from and the good stuff is 3rd party scientifically lab tested with their stamp on the label (like someone here showed a picture of).

The other exciting things I’ve learned so far is CBD’s work best synergistically when combined with THC oils AND they can be SMOKED TOGETHER from the right Cannabis strains grown especially for this purpose! Now I gotta research to find out what those strains are! When I do, I’m gonna devote one of my greenhouses especially for this purpose. What I have also found out so far is that these special strains yield small little popcorn Buds and this is why most commercial growers have avoided them up to this point.

In this respect I’m lucky cause I have a whole set auto-trimmers designed to go into one mode especially for trimming popcorn Buds! Its called a “Toms Tumble Trimmer”. What makes it so special is that it doesn’t use expensive blades to do the trimming. It uses a mesh drum which turns and tumbles the dry Buds inside so they bump into each other and my dried Buds trim themselves. The trim all falls through the mesh and is collected for kief for bubble hash and for our new extraction machine –which we are experimenting with in my operation! But the really cool thing about my TTT’s is that I can swap out the main mesh for the special mesh that perfectly trims my Popcorn Buds! It’s excellent for trimming my Girl Scout Cookies! So I can’t wait to use them on my first harvest of Special CBD strains. Hell! I don’t know yet, but my GSC’s may even be one of those strains!

I make good money off of my premium Girl Scout Cookies cause they’re always in short supply and high demand. So I can only imagine what I’m going to be able to do with my first harvest of Special CBD strains!

So Seeddog, my hunch is that its the CBD doing all the work to help your daughter. You’re never going to know though if don’t experiment and see if she’d be willing to go off her meds gradually now. Pharmaceuticals are weird things and hurt as much as they can help. Now that your daughter is on CBD as well, her meds may now be slowing down her progress instead of helping. What do you think? Of course her doctor would probably be outraged if you told him this but… Just wait until your daughter gets a little bit older, and you may not have to buy her the expensive CBD oil extracts, she can just smoke her medicine in the form of these Special CBD strains you can grow YOURSELF!

It’s truly very exciting ya’all!

Hope this helps,


Mr Richie sounds like a cool teacher . I agree with you , some of her meds could be hurting her . She has anxiety and insomnia and would be still awake at 3:00 - 4:00 in the morning sometimes so the THC has helped her sleep and relax . She sleeps well most of the time now . We should be getting ready to drop some of her meds soon when her neurologist says she’s ready . Your TTT is interesting , I will have to check it out . I hope to grow some bigger yields outdoors as soon as NY state gets on board . ILGM has some strains high in CBD I want to try . Crystal is one @Laurap has suggested . We are experimenting still with different ones . Good post slippery .