Equal CBD/THC experience

I started growing marijuana this year, after not having smoked/consumed it for over 25 years. I used to smoke a lot of ditch weed/crap weed in my late teens, but I got sick of the paranoia that always came with it. I’m curious if anyone has insight re: the equal CBD/THC varieties of plants that are out there. Do they get you high (say a 10-15% advertised concentration of both in the same plant), or does the CBD counteract the THC? I’m not looking to get super high, but I like the idea of a mellow high with the benefits of CBD in there as well. Thanks.


You ever try smoking hemp? Not gonna lie man it wasn’t to bad.

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You can get strains now 14 15% that will rock your world


I had the same experience as you back then.

I recommend going easy on it and grow Grandaddy Purple.

Let it go longer than normal and the harvest. Very soothing


Tried hemp and Delta 9 products from the local Hemponix store and yes I got a mild pleasant buzz from the hemp. Trouble was after about 4 times my body became totally immured to it. Still have some in the drawer that’s a few months old, so maybe I’ll try some tonight and see what happens.


There are loads of strains that have equal amounts, or low THC, and higher CBD. A lot of the negative effects, paranoia, raciness, maybe unpleasant taste, is from a premature harvest. Indica dominant strains will also hit the body a little harder as opposed to sativas.


Cannatonic has a great balance of THC/CBD doesn’t give you a big buzz but definitely relaxes you. You should look into 1:1 ratio strains. Happy growing!!

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