Epsom salts brand

I am wanting to buy epsom salts for my plants, anyone has a brand to recommend? Not sure these on amazon arw designed for plants

I think it’s all pretty much the same. You can get it at the local drug-store or grocery store. There might be some weed-fertilizer companies that market a “special” kind, but that would probably be because they added something else to it.

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Ive got epsom salt on my bath side,think is ita lavender flavored lolll. Ill go to the DS tommorow and see if they have some unflavor that is 100% magnesium sulfate

LOL, Yeah, I’m thinking the lavender scent might not be good :slight_smile: But it is the same stuff you dump in the tub to relieve sore muscles.

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Epsom salt is magnesium sulfate. If you have hard water, you should have plenty of calcium and magnesium in the tap water. (NEVER use softened water!) If your water does not have much hardness, like rain water or RO water, get some CalMag to add. That has both calcium and magnesium. Nute manufacturers usually don’t add Ca or Mg because it’s already in most tap water. Get it on Amazon or at home improvement stores. Or of course at any ag supply store.

For whatever reason people seem to think Epsom salts are a replacement for calmag. While it obviously has a pretty rich magnesium content, there’s very little to no calcium in standard Epsom salts. And the reason most people use them is for the sulfur more than the magnesium.

Hit up your local pharmacy or general store. Plain Jane bulk bag probably cheaper the better.

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