Epsom Salt?! weird hacks that work

Weird thing that I learned from an experienced grower was to use Epsom Salt! A tablespoon per gallon (completely dissolved) introduces magnesium sulfate into the ground which promotes a greener and bushier plant. We tried it this morning along with our molasses feeding and we noticed a difference within an hour! Great secret that I wanted to pass on.


I use Epsom salts every time I feed!!


I’m so glad we found out about it! this is our first year growing so we are trying out the advice we have been given! lol

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It’s a good practice. It corrects calmmag deficiencies quickly and can be Foliar fed.

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It is also a good source of sulfur.


Damn, my high ass hit the wrong button.

Magnesium sulphate, Epsom salts, will help with magnesium deficiencies. It also may help increase terpenes in later flowering, (the sulphur). It doesn’t help with calcium issues.

I use it regularly in flowering, and if I see signs of a deficiency.


What I find is it helps one propagate in everything mentioned previously, but the implementation will increase the Chlorophyll production. Hence, more food faster growth. Metaphorically, it’s like a Bodybuilder on Human Growth Hormone. Furthermore, during the budding stage someone mentioned the terpenes which is critical to the intensity of the high especially when splitting the trunk to induce triconome growth just before Harvest