Epsom salt On a budget

Not needed but that tribus really kicks the plant into gear


After all this I believe I could just give them Pepto-Bismol . Lol. I have thought about it and I may try to experiment with some of that stuff later on. Joking

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If you read the bottles they are packed full of a lot of stuff. But still joking. The fish crackers never worked for me I’m still trying to figure out the aspirin. :upside_down_face:

Only have the spare funds to pick one up atm. Correct me if im wrong… Open sesame helps jump start flowering and bud sites. Beastie bloomz helps the buds grow. Cha ching helps with terpenes, density?

Honestly I’m not sure there’s much difference at all between the 3. I’d just go with beastie blooms if you had to pick one.


Oh yeah, I’ll use it for every grow now, I was just saying that the basics will do the job, in response to what Fano man was saying

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I got the job done easily with GH AN miracle grow, emerald harvest …
gh end product was mediocre
Miracle grow …midiocre…
AN was better but I didn’t use complete lines just select bottles and still wasent good in my eyes
Emerald harvest full line 3 part profesional… with hydroponic moonshine just look at the ingredients in moonshine alone

…I did a run with emerald and no moonshine and the buds were noticeably less taste smelly at all stages… in the pot still to in the jar moonshine put a couple steps above no moonshine same nutes… that stuffs like a cherry on top of your icecream Sunday which is already great by its self …cherry seals the deal… I dove in to emerald harvest at the gallon size it was 850$ I’ve already bought a new honey chome and I will continue to re up with this product it’s a couple more bottles more then Jack’s but it’s very forgiving dosent with lil miscalculations to the point I was eye balling nute amounts and never had a yellow issue or a burn I know everyone can dive 850$ into a nutrient change at the gallon size but I’m sure you can get pints and quarts… the most expensive bottle of my regiment is the moonshine at 65$ a quart I’ve gone through 3 and I feel it does make a difference…mind you I’m growing bag seed since day one I’ve grown the same purple haze, gsc, and recon several generations several seed drops but all from same batches or moms … and I got to see what different regiments outcomes were… also can’t forget the fact I wasent as knowledgable about WHY you use WHAT bottle and WHEN in begining I was following instructions as I got into the emerald harvest move I was alot more aware of nutrient tasks and when nutes are raised or lowers based on life stage maybe my technique got better maybe the nutes made it easier maybe it became instinctive … hey I just did the maybe I should hold off on this or do just water or that’s lil clawing or other other symptoms were more on my radar to he aware of and how to fix them…when I was mixing 5 gallons of general hydroponics floranova series I really didn’t even know the proper way to mix nutes no airation still tried to fight off the PH monster I was so hard headed that I might have been my biggest enemy… long story…long…slot of ppl learn with one company and migrate to another later in there growing career and alot if mistakes can he easily blamed on nutes when it’s really operator error Nd u really dont know …you get an easy all boxes check nuteline like my self and you look back at GH and I frown apon it because the weed I grew at ths time was subpar to me… so. Subpar weed in my head goes hand in hand with GH… butnreally there are alot of ppl that succeed with stuff I thought wasent that great…and as I’m typing this up I wouldn’t mind using a couple of my old bottles to do a lil side by side run and see if it was me or the nutes that made the difference​:thinking::thinking:

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Incorrect. It is the third part, ie-1. Or one part magnesium sulfate, two parts calcium nitrate, three parts hydroponic blend.

If used properly there is no justification for needing to separate to individual compounds. The plants will never need so much calcium that will create nitrogen toxic condition, and same could be said for the magnesium sulfur relationship. In comparison with just about any other 3-part, it’s pretty much the same. Going to another brand isn’t going to change that. There is no reason to use calmag with jacks 321 formula.


I agree about the calcium and magnesium. If you need them that’s one thing but if you put too much you’re creating a problem of it own. I’m just trying to save a few bucks.

What’s in the hydroponic blend in part 3 so
1 : epsom
2 : CalN
3 : hydropoinc blend… so your saying that that simple 3 part can grow top notch exclusive quality? Then what’s the purpose of all the ingredients in terp enhancers or other bloom boosters? That can’t do nothing…